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DRAGON'S DOOM DRAGON'S DOOM is a fun, educational game for children. It's bright and cheerful with an interesting screen display showing a battle between a knight in shining armour and a fierce dragon.

It is designed to test and improve children's ability to read an ordinary analogue clock and tell the time.

Long ago a thief gained entry to the king's strongroom and took the royal crown jewels.

And although he was caught in the market the following day, there was no sign of the jewels and the thief would not speak.

So it's up to you, cast in the role of a medieval knight, to recover your king's lost treasure.

After travelling for many days you discover them at the back of a large cave.

However, just as you approach the mouth of the cave, a large dragon appears out of the gloom barring your way.

You must fight and drive away the dragon to reach the jewels. This is achieved by answering a series of questions as fast as possible.

A large clock is drawn in the bottom right corner of the screen and on the left is the time written in four different ways.

Three of them are wrong and one is right - you have to decide which is the correct one.

name$ Your name
level% Difficulty level
SC% Your score
right% The correct answer
assemble Assemble the machine code
man Print the man
diamond Print the diamonds
question Print the question
high Print the high score table
bench Set up the screen

For instance, is it five to twelve, 11 o' clock or 12:55?

Use the up and down cursor keys to highlight the correct them then press RETURN when you are sure.

Don't take too long deciding as there is a time limit, and if the second hard on the clock completes one sweep of the clockface you forfeit your go.

If your answer is correct you will move towards the dragon, eventually driving it away with your sword.

However, if you answer incorrectly three times the dragon will rush out of the cave and gobble you up.

Good luck in your quest for the treasure - and watch out for that dragon.

Game Controls:
Cursor Up - Move highlight up, Cursor Down - Move highlight down, RETURN - Confirm answer


GRIDDER GRIDDER is a fascinating puzzle designed to give the old grey matter a good workout. It's cross between Rubik's Cube and a sliding block puzzle and just as frustrating.

It may seem a simple enough game, but it's difficult to play well.

You are presented with a large five by five grid of coloured blocks with an arrow on one side. The object is to generate a large version of the small target-line pattern displayed on the left of the screen.

You can slide a row or column of blocks in the direction of the arrow by pressing the SPACE bar.

box% The colours of the grid
size% The size of the grid
test% See if you've done it
move% Number of moves made
px%,py% Coordinates of the pointer
limit% Time limit
vars Initialises the variables
square Draws a square
set_boxes Draws the screen display
move Slides a line of squares
delay Slows the program down
finished Prints final message
tune Plays some music

The leftmost block will be removed, the other four will slide left and the block removed is placed to the far right at the end of the row - difficult to explain but very easy to understand if you try it and see.

The arrow can be moved around the grid with < and > so you can select any row or column.

There is a time limit so you'll have to work as fast as possible. Don't be too surprised if you don't complete it first time - but it can be done with practice.

If you solve the puzzle within the alloted time you move on to a more challenging puzzle with more blocks.

GRIDDER is fun, addictive and should keep you occupied for many hours. Good luck!

Game Controls:
< - Move clockwise, > - Move anticlockwise, SPACE - Slide blocks

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Apr 1987
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Cover Art