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Stephen and Andrew Weir present an exciting quiz game for youngsters

SNAIL TRAIL SNAIL TRAIL is a superb educational quiz for children, the object being to help Suzie the snail win a race against her five animal friends - Willie the worm, Belinda the bird, Percy the penguin, Charlie the car and Desmond the dog.

The farmyard is in uproar as Willie, who is to be the first competitor, slithers up to the starting line.

Farmer Giles raises his gavel and taps three times on the rickety old gate. A hush descend over the expectant crowd as the old man explains the rules.

creatures Number of animals
level% Current level of play
choice Number of answer given
answered True when a question answered
won True if the snail wins
name$() The animals' names


main The main loop
assemble Assemble machine code
big() Print large text
sprite Print the sprites
arrow Print the pointer
bench Set up the screen
Five challengers take on Suzie in a test of her knowledge of animals. Each question is multiple choice and the fastest competitor will win the race. Let the contest begin.

Sadly, Suzie isn't very fast so you will have to help. When each question appears, tap the SPACE bar until the pointer is opposite the answer that you think is right. Press RETURN to confirm your selection.

If you answer correctly, you will receive a tick and Suzie will move forward. An incorrect answer, however, will result in a cross and Suzie's opponent racing ahead.

Don't spend too long on your answer either, because time, and animals, wait for no snail.

Included in the program is the facility to add your own questions. These should be constructed in the following format:

   1401 DATA Question, Correct answer, Up to four incorrect answers,"*"

For instance:

   1401 DATA Which of these is an omnivore?,A Human being,A dog, A cat, A hedgehog, A lion,"*"

There is space for ten lines of data between 1400 and 1409, although the program can be renumbered to recover more space if you wish.

The last line of data must be the word END, as this flags the end of the questions and answers.

Game Controls:
SPACE - Moves pointer, RETURN - Confirms answer
Q/S - Sound Off/On


Exercise your brain and solve Joanne Stevens' intriguing puzzle

WITCHCRAFT WITCHCRAFT is a fascinating puzzle designed to stretch your powers of logic and reasoning to the limit. Slow down, take a bread from zapping aliens, give your fingers a rest and exercise the old grey matter for a change.

This one player game is based on a three by three grid. The Micro Kid is surrounded by the wicked witch Zelda, and your task is to reverse the situation so the Micro Kid surrounds the witch, as in the puzzle target.

The control keys are shown underneath the puzzle and you can zap any of the witches in the grid by pressing the corresponding key below. You can't press a key with the Micro Kid on.

The effect of a key is to switch certain squares so a witch becomes a Micro Kid and a Kid becomes a witch.

The keys in the corners (Q, E, C and Z) reverse a block of four squares, the one in the middle (S) reverses the central cross while the ones in the middle of each side (W, D, X and A) reverse that side.

Once you have solved this puzzle you'll be presented with the next - there are eight in all. You have 120 seconds (two minutes) to solve the first one, 110 seconds for the second, 100 for the third, and so on.

If you turn all the squares into the Micro Kid there won't be any witches left to zap and you'll have failed to solve the puzzle. Be careful, this is quite easy to do without realising it.


Take Neil Hoggarth's caterpillar for a stroll round the garden

In this fast-moving arcade game you control a pet caterpillar called Ziggy and your task is to guide it round the garden looking for food.

During your travels you'll come across tasty yellow berries to eat. The problem however, is that the more you eat, the longer your body grows and the more difficult it becomes to control.

Watch out for poisonous red toadstools - take a bit out of one of these and you're dead. The garden is surrounded by a ring of this deadly fungus so be careful not to wander too close to the edge. You should also avoid running into your ever-growing tail.

The game is very fast, but if you find it too difficult you can slow it down by deleting line 60 and changing the MODE 5 in line 40 to MODE 2.

Game Controls:
z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Oct 1987
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Cover Art