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Explore the subterranean world of caves and caverns in this superb game by Keith Owens and Phil Ord

CRYPTON A long, long time ago a prince called Crypton was cursed by an ancient sorcerer and doomed to wander endless labyrinths and caves, to find his earthly remains.

You must guide him, to achieve everlasting peace. Many traps lie in store, and cunning pitfalls may foil his endless wanderings.

His bones, cast far and wide through the sorcerer's maze, must all be collected so that Crypton can re-assemble his body and end the curse.

The maze is littered with boulders which over the years have been worn into perfect spheres which can be dislodged to gain access to sealed-off passageways.

But tread carefully - they are placed in such a way that a single wrong move will block a vital portion of the maze, dooming Crypton. You have ten minutes in which to complete your task.

At slightly over 10K, CRYPTON will stretch your powers of deduction and concentration to their limits.

It will delight, annoy, tantalise and even enrage you as you struggle to find a solution. But it's not impossible, and every screen can be completed without the loss of a single life.

CRYPTON does not rely on a random number generator for its puzzles - each screen has been individually created and tested thoroughly to ensure that success is possible.

Game Controls:
Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down


Peter Davey presents a fascinating educational word game for children

FIRE! FIRE! Fred the firename often sits in Tumbledown Fire Station for hours on end wiating to be called for assistance. Unfortunately, he has come down with a nasty bout of flu, and you have agreed to stand in for him.

Suddenly the phone, rings - someone's house is on fire, and it is quite some distance away. The aim of this educational game is to drive the fire engine to the house in time to put out the fire.

When you first start the game two words are displayed at the bottom of the screen. They combine with the answer to create a well known catch phrase.

For instance, if Grand and Hunt are displayed the answer would be National: Grand National, National Hunt. Get the connection?

You have approximately twenty seconds to answer, and your remaining time is indicated by the rays of a sun slowly being drawn.

Answering correctly will increase your score and move your energy toward the house. If you fail, another two words will appear below providing further clues to the same answer.

In total, three sets of words, or frames are displayed. Each time you guess incorrectly your potential score and engine movement is reduced.

If you fail to answer on the third frame you will have been too slow to save the house and it will burst into flames. If that happens three times, poor Fred will be forced to sack you and thus end the game.

The words contained in this program are only intended to be examples. They are not aimed specifically at any age range, and changing them is quite simple. The data statements from line 1320 to 1630 hold all the words. The format is:

   1400 DATA Answer,word 1 frame 1,word 2 frame 1,word 1 frame 2,word 2 frame
   2,word 1 frame 3,word 2 frame 3

Be careful to stick to the same start line number, or the program will not work properly. If you want more words than I have included add away until you run short of memory.

The only thing you must remember is to place END as a single data statement on its own as shown in line 1640, to tell the program there are no further words.

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Sep 1988
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Cover Art