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Jaunt right back to 1,000,000 years BC and help Sprog find buried treasure in this tricky game by Graham Barlow

SPROG The year is 1,000,000 BC and dinosaurs are the rulers of the Earth. Sprog, an intrepid caveman adventurer, is a little short on cash to finance his latest adventure so he sets out to find a fabled buried treasure chest containing untold riches.

No-one knows its precise location, but it is said to lie many leagues to the east. Several adventurers have tried to discover its location before, but all have perished in the quest. Can you succeed in this perilous mission?

X,Y Position of the mountains
OX,OY Position of the ground
O%,P% Sprog's position
SC% Score
HI% High score
NAME$ Name of highest scorer
start Draws the screen
inst Prints the instructions
dead Kills you off
screen Changes colours and windows
You control Sprog and guide him across a sideways scrolling landscape in search of the chest. There are several hazards to watch out for, including great pits and flying boulders. Fortunately, you are quite athletic and can leap great distancces, so these obstacles shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Sprog is a multi-screen game and bonus points are awarded for completing each level. The keys are Z and X to move left and right and RETURN to jump. As you progress through the screens they become more difficult - you'll have to contend with multiple pits and several flying boulders at once.

Don't type in the space after the line number when entering the program. Watch out for the tick character - on the 7 key - as two together can look like a quote. Also some variables start with a capital letter O and could be confused with zero at a cursory glance.

Game Controls:
Z - Left, X - Right, RETURN - Jump


NIMble witted? Find out - grab a friend and try out Jim Proctor's brain-straining board game

TAKTIKS TAKTIKS is an interesting board game for two players which is loosely based on that classic game Nim. This involes picking up matchsticks from the table, and the one who takes the last one is the loser.

In this computerised variation counters are placed in a four by four square. You take turns to go and you can pick up one, two, three or four adjacent counters, but they must be either in a vertical or horizontal line. Taking diagonals or counters which aren't next to each other is illegal. The object is to leave one remaining counter for your opponent. He picks up the last one and has therefore lost the game.

The screen shows a calculator-style display with the scores in the top left and right hand corners. All the counters are labelled with a letter and you'll be prompted to input the ones you want to remove when it is your turn.

Enter up to four letters - they must be in alphabetical order - and press the RETURN key. Remember that the counters must be next to each other, otherwise the program will beep annoyingly at you and prompt you to enter your choice again.

You take turns to start, the one going first having a slight advantage. Tactics and strategy, plus an ability to think ahead are required in order to succeed. Have you got what it takes to become an expert? Grab a partner and see.


Have you got what it takes to be a bomb disposal expert? Find out in this arcade game by Steve Bissell

UNEXPLODED BOMB You find yourself somewhere in war-torn Britain during the civil uprising of the late 1990s. Unexploded bombs have been left behind by fleeing Government troops and it is your job, as newly appointed explosives expert to the local freedom fighters, to locate and defuse the dangerous devices.

During your briefing you are told that the bombs may have been electronically linked in a desperate attempt to destroy Underground Headquarters. Once activated, you have only seconds to reach and disarm each bomb in turn.

Your task has been made harder by the discovery of a few partially hidden mines. It would seem that once defused, a bomb not only activates the fuse of the next bomb, but automatically primes a further mine.

DIM S%(19,27) Copy of screen
DIM A$(13) The maze
X%,y% Your coordinates
BX%,DY% Bomb coordinates
MX%,MY% Mine coordinates
HI% High score
SC% Your score
Nobody knows to what extent the complex has been mined or how many bombs have been left. All surrounding buildings have been evacuated, and you are on your own.

The first bomb will be activated the second you enter the cellar. Your success is vital to the survival of the entire resistance movement. You score a point for every second you survive, plus a hefty bonus when you disarm a bomb by running over it. Avoid the flashing mines - they are deadly to the touch.

After typing in and running the program one or two strange characters will appear. Don't worry, this is due to some of the character set having been redefined. To return the characters to normal, press CTRL-BREAK then type OLD and press RETURN.

Game Controls:
Z - Left, X - Right, * - Up, ? - Down

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Mar 1989
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Cover Art