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Martin Sann presents a two player game that will improve your mental arithmetic and powers of logic

ADDENDA In this fascinating and addictive program designed to improve your arithmetic and ability to plan ahead, you place numbers in a four by four square. The aim in ADDENDA is to complete a line of four numbers which add up to a specfied target number.

A target number is displayed on the screen and a die is rolled which should be placed in one of the sixteen positions by moving the square cursor with the arrow keys. Fix your number using RETURN.

When a few numbers have been placed in the grid you can start planning ahead by calculating what number is required to make a row or column add up to the target number. You gain a point for each successful line, which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. More than one line can be completed simultaneously for extra points. The winner of the game is the first to complete four lines.

If all the grid positions become filled they are cleared and a new target is selected by the Electron.

At the start of the game you can choose the target from three levels of play. The micro will pick a number at random from within the range you select.

The program is in two parts. Enter the first and save it to tape or disc with the filename ADDEND, then enter the second and save it with the filename ADDEND1. To run the program CHAIN"ADDEND".


Neatly stack the falling blocks to succeed in Anthony Houghton's fast-paced arcade game

TETRON Based on a popular arcade game that has its roots firmly planted behind the Iron Curtain, TETRON is a simple game, but one which is extremely addictive. It requires quick reactions, the ability to plan ahead and nerves of steel. If you think you have these qualities then read on...

When the game starts, a wide-necked bottle will be drawn on screen. One at a time, different shaped blocks will begin to fall down the screen into the bottle. Your task is to stack up the blocks into as neat a pile as possible without leaving gaps or holes.

Quickly examine each block's shape as soon as it appears at the top of the screen. If a block looks as if it won't fit very well use the RETURN key to turn it around then Z and X to move it left or right to the best position.

If there is an unbroken row of blocks in the bottom of the bottle that row will disintegrate and the blocks above will drop down to fill the gap. So by careful stacking and making complete rows the bottle will never become full - that's the theory, anyway.

In fact, panic usually sets in, the controls are often fumbled and you simply can't decide quickly enough how best to fit in a new block. It's frustrating and very addictive.

There are five skill levels, but the difference between the hardest and easiest isn't that great. More points are gained on the most difficult level.

Game Controls:
z - Left, X - Right, RETURN - Rotate block

Cover Art Language(s): English
Compatibility: Acorn Electron
Release: Magazine available via High Street/Mail Order
Original Release Date: 1st Apr 1990
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Cover Art