Bell, Book And Cambridge

By R. Haughey

Originally published in EUG #06

Thank you for putting me in touch with Ray Thomas. We were able to help each other out and I have since obtained a copy of The Electron Book so if anyone else is in need of a copy, they are welcome to it. Postage is about £2.00.

If I might offer some input on the subject of who supports the Elk, I have come across the following which may be of use to others.

  BELL COMPUTERS (Spares, etc)
33 Lomond Drive
Leighton Buzzard
Tel: 0525 383074

A large SAE would speed things up.

The bigger branches of Fourbouys/NSS stock Electron software. The one in Cambridge does, so if others don't they should be able to get it. See the shop manager.

I like the new style A5 mag, a lot better.

PS. How many users have you got on the books with a CB postcode?

R. C. Haughey, Cambridge

To be honest I haven't really had time to count how many people live in certain areas! I assume you'd like to know if there are any potential contacts near you. Would other people be interested in having their names and addresses printed in EUG for the purpose of making local contacts or just for "Pen Pals"?

I think some of you may have misunderstood the working of the introductory letters that were sent to you, particularly those which were sent out last year. These stated that information about you would not be passed to any third party. Later versions had the words "without your permission" added.

Some people value their privacy and don't like to receive unsolicited mail so, to protect these individuals, confidentiality is assured. But if you would welcome other Electron contacts, send your details, i.e. main interests, any help offered or wanted and you name and address (of course!) and we'll put the info in a special "Contacts" column.

Will Watts, EUG #6