Gridlocks In The Mist

By Graham Sanders

Originally published in EUG #06

I too now have Slogger's Stop Press 64. Can you switch off the Gridlock? Does the Mist option work for you? I can't get the mouse to move the cursor with Mist selected. How about an article on getting the most from Stop Press 64?

Graham Sanders, Bedford

The short answers to your first two questions are "No" and "No"! I assume that you have been investigating the 'quick-click' window, which is accessed by clicking on the 'mouse-head' icon at the top of the vertical icon bar.

The gridlock can be adjusted by calling up the 'goodies' option (Click on the 'Page' icon at the bottom of the bar). Converting the BBC version of Stop Press to run on the Elk must have been a difficult job for Slogger and a few of the minor Beeb options will not work.

On the whole though, SP64 is a much easier package to use, particularly when it comes to file-handling.

The best person to write an article on using SP64 would probably be Derek Walker, as he seems to have really mastered the system, but I don't know if he would be able to find the time just now as he is expecting a new addition to his family in October. Congrats Derek!!

Will Watts, EUG #6