EUG Hits New Zealand

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #06

I am quite impressed with my first introduction to your Newsletter (EUG #5) and even more pleased to find specific support for the Electron.

I noticed a letter to the Editor from E. C. Kramer lamenting the fact that ULAs for the Electron are no longer available. I understand from a service agent in New Zealand that they are still available here and at better prices than hitherto. If there is a shortage in the UK there may be some available here. It's small enough to post anywhere!

C. Lawson mentions a screen dump for the Okimate 20 printer. I don't have a screen dump program but am interested in a colour dump program. A friend has been working on one but it is very slow. I once read in Electron User that all the screen depictions in the magazine had been produced with an Okimate 20 printer. When I wrote to Database, I was told that the program used was on ROM and not available for sale.

Judging by the quality of the screen pictures in EU, the Okimate and its program worked well and I would assume from the demands and deadlines of publishers that it worked efficiently as far as time taken for printing out was concerned.

If anyone has come across this software, I am sure there will be several of us out there with Okimates who would appreciate a copy.

Jafa is missing from your list of supply addresses at the back of the newsletter. Is it no longer in business? I have written to Jafa recently but no reply was received. I am looking for suggestions on memory expansion for my Electron. So far, Slogger seems to have the answer if Jafa's Shadow RAM is no longer available.

I use my Elk regularly with View, Viewsheet and Viewstore and articles on new and/or better ways of using these programs are always of interest.

Unfortunately I could not read the listing of the sort program by David Atherton published in EUG #5. The print had blurred on some crucial assembly instructions and, as machine code is not my forte, I could not guess what it should be. However, I should be able to get a copy of Acorn User for March 1990 so I am not asking for a reprint.

Alan Richardson, New Zealand

Thanks for the ULA help, Alan. Can anyone help with a colour dump for the Okimate 20? Jafa Systems have been very quiet for some time now, has anybody heard anything? I wrote to them quite a few months ago but have had no reply as yet. Sorry about the blurred program listing.

Will Watts, EUG #6