Exile #3

By John McHugh

Originally published in EUG #18
Back in the land of the Exile again? The bad news is there's still a long, long way to go - you really get your money's worth with this game. The good news is the "Endgame" features: extreme explosions, a cannon 'Kill Crazy', wanton flooding of Triax's base and the rescue of the Pericles' crew.

Click here to go to steps 87 to 223 of the complete solution to Exile.
Step 224
Go left and to the area where the blaster was.
Step 225
In the bottom right corner, go into the mushroom filled passageway and remember.
Step 226
Leave the two RCDs here for safety.
Step 227
Thrust over the first opening going down (to avoid being sucked into the bush) and remember twice. The next opening going down contains two red birds which are difficult to kill. You can barely hold them off with the blaster and they need several hits even with the plasma gun. Scroll up and select plasma gun the set aim for diagonally upwards. Try to thrust down to the diagonal passage below the nest. If you make it, re-adjust your aim to shoot up at the birds then fire a few shots at the nest. When you're certain they've all bitten the dust, remember.
Step 228
Aim directly up and thrust down through the large windy area to the vertical passage in the bottom left-hand corner. Go into the little opening on the left and remember twice. Now start firing at the second lot of birds.
Step 229
When a few of these have been killed, you must drop down then go up the diagonal passage on the right. Shoot up at the rest and deflect a few shots into the nest.
Step 230
Come halfway down the diagonal passage then scroll left and down to see the gun droid below. Select the pistol, and fire at the vertical slabs to the left of the droid. It will open fire and blow them up.
Step 231
There are three of them in total (one hides just off screen left)...
Step 232
So continue until you hear the third beep that signify they've all been blasted away.
Step 233
Teleport back to the little opening, remember twice, scroll up and left and select jetpack. As you drop down to the gun droid press left, lie down and full boost to get through the passage where the slabs were. If you fail, make sure to remember before trying again.
Step 234
Drop down at the end of the passage and remember. If you are attacked by yellow maggots, shift them with the blaster. Scroll right, select blaster, go left and thrust past the imps to collect the blue key.
Step 235
At this point you must decide whether to get the spaceship into orbit by returning the destinator or to get the extra points for getting the two crewmembers back as well. These spacemen are very fragile (and carry a penalty of 6000 points each in the event of their loss!). If you are just going for the destinator, teleport back to the safe place above the gun droid.
Step 236
Otherwise, thrust up to the top left hand corner of the very windy area and go along the horizontal passage. Scroll up and left. Remember. Drop quickly down to avoid the second gun droid...
Step 237
And into the water.
Step 238
Go left and up to the cavern with the fire in. Remember. Thrust up and use the blaster to lift the big block.
Step 239
Press the switch to deactivate the transporter and open the door to the crewmen. Teleport out and remember.
Step 240
Drop down now to the crewmen [who are under the water to the left - Gus] and chase after the teleporting robot who attacks with the blaster but make sure you are not in the crewmen's proximity whenever you use it: If he turns up later (when you are getting them out!) move quickly away from them.
Step 241
Drop down under the crewmen and come up to their left.
Step 242
By pushing them or with single shots from the pistol, get them free of the mushrooms so they drift up past the door.
Step 243
Get them to the ledge above it and leave them there for safety.
Step 244
Go back up to the cavern again and lift the block. Switch on the transporter.
Step 245
You have to destroy the gun droid that blew the slabs now and it's no easy task. Teleport back so you are to the left of the gun droid, remember and select icer. Now scroll left as far as possible. Set your aim to just above central then crawl slowly along to fire over its head. Eventually it will blow itself up. Remember again if you get blown back. Go to the safe place above the destroyed gun droid. Remember.
Step 246
This brings you to the same point as if you are just going for the destinator except that the teleporting robot may be following. For the time being, chase him with the blaster. Thrust up through the windy area and go past where the red birds were.
Step 247
Recover the RCDs.
Step 248
Then go up the passage above the birds.
Step 249
Turn on the transporter. Jump in it so you know where it leads...
Step 250
...then teleport...
Step 251
... all the way back to the spaceship.
Step 252
It's time to vaporise the latest teleporting robot at the rockets! Go through the transporter right of where the icer was and, when you materialise, into the transport to the right.
Step 253
Then go to the windy tunnel area in the east. Remember under the switch and set it as before (so that the rockets ignite as the door closes). Select icer or plasma gun and go around and up the side of the rockets to the top of the cavern. You will find you can 'burrow' into a very small area to the left by thrusting left and down.
Step 254
Wait until the robot appears. You will be protected to some extent by the terrain and he will either come very close to the rocket or score a lucky hit. Either way, when you teleport, he should take the full force of the rockets and be backed right up to the door. If you try the same method as with robot number one, you have to repeat it two or three times. This way, he sometimes vaporises first time!
Step 255
Teleport back to the spaceship when you hear him squeal and blow up, then go around to the cannon.
Step 256
Turn on the transporter, get the cannon into it and follow it.
Step 257
Using the blaster, divert the cannon either left or right as it drops from the spaceship and, assuming the first gun is still active, you can take this opportunity to blow it sky-high!
Step 258
Drop the cannon down and direct it to the ramp where the two robots were. Remember. Go up the ramp (Blast any robots left!), into the transporter (Blast any birds left!) then open the door with the RCD.
Step 259
Teleport and remember then get the cannon up the ramp, into the transporter then into the one right of the first podstore.
Step 260
If the gun droid to the left was not blown earlier on you will have to go down, press the switch to activate the transporter and then turn it off when the cannon is through [This is actually trickier than it sounds! - Gus].
Step 261
Teleport back to the ramp and remember. Now drop down the hidden passage and go into the right transporter, into the one in the west and then go up and push the cannon under the rockets and onto the ledge to the left.
Step 262
Get the cannon RCD out and blow the slab opposite.
Step 263
Now push the cannon off the ledge (not into the transporter!). Activate the transporter.
Step 264
Go back past the rockets and drop down. Remember at the transporter then thrust across the windy tunnel and collect two mushrooms.
Step 265
Teleport back and go into the transporter. Remember. Go into the right transporter.
Step 266
Switch off the one in the west, convert the mushrooms at the fire and then turn the transporter back on and then teleport back.
Step 267
Go down to the ramp. Remember. Then using the same route as the cannon, get the big box over to the rocket area.
Step 268
Unlike with the cannon, you need to get under the box and use the blaster to get it into the transporter (as opposed to just pushing the switch)...
Step 269
Push it into the right transporter.
Step 270
Remember a couple of times under the rockets and drop both RCDs.
Step 271
Go left into the transporter.
Step 272
There will probably (although not always) be a coronium rock trapped in the red bush to the left. Blow the rock with a converted mushroom.
Step 273
Teleport back and remember then store the two RCDs. Push the box onto the ledge, lie down and aim slightly above central. Now select plasma gun and get the box over to the transporter. This may take several attempts. If the box doesn't make it, push it into the transporter to the left and try again.
Step 274
Walk into the transporter yourself to make sure the box has made it.
Step 275
Remember then go back past the rockets, down and into the transporter...
Step 276
And turn on the left one. Check that it leads to the original cannon location and then teleport back. Remember twice.
Step 277
Scroll left. Get into the transporter then, in the new location,...
Step 278
Get the box over to the horizontal slab.
Step 279
Teleport back, remember and now get the cannon into the transporter on the left and then over to the one where you shoved the box, using the same method. Get the cannon in the new location across and on top of the box. When it's facing right, you'll note that it nicely lines up with a gap in the terrain near the gun droid.
Step 280
Blast it away! Teleport back and remember again.

Save your position.
Step 281
If you have followed this method right through, the boulder will be still at the top of the windy tunnel area.
Step 282
Bring it across into the same transporter and select plasma gun.
Step 283
Rearrange the box and cannon so the cannon is standing alone on the horizontal slab.
Step 284
Then throw/shoot the boulder through the opening where the gun droid was.
Step 285
As it drops to the switch, get on top of the cannon and thrust down as the slab opens. Remember.

(If the boulder fails to trigger the switch, you can try with the RCD but not the one for the cannon. If the RCD is on the switch you can bounce it with a single shot through the opening with the plasma gun. If even this fails, try with the flask. Finally, resort to a saved file.)
Step 286
Blow the next vertical slab with the cannon. You may be pestered by the imps from above (and these are indestructible) so get through quickly.
Step 287
After blowing the vertical slab, you come to the strongest of the robots. Chase him with the blaster then check that the switch is set to hold the horizontal slab open. Get the cannon down...
Step 288
And blow the next vertical slab.
Step 289
On the next level there is yet another vertical slab barring your way. You know what to do by now.
Step 290
Push it right and down until it is on the next horizontal slab.
Step 291
Remember on the ledge above and select blaster in case you are bothered by the robot or yellow maggots.
Step 292
Now lie on the ledge above so that the cannon RCD is just sticking out. Set your aim and keep pressing Space as the cannon fires and bounces around to blow the slab. [This takes a while! - Gus]
Step 293
Teleport back to the rockets to get rid of the robot. Use the same method as you did for the second one for the quickest results.

Now bring the boulder down to the blown horizontal slab and get it, and the cannon, down to the next ledge.
Step 294
Check you have both RCDs, remember and select blaster to chase any maggots. Drop down to the ledge which has the switch behind the vertical slab; as you drop off the left of this ledge remember then thrust back up to the cannon. Push the cannon off the ledge above to drop straight down then teleport below it and use the blaster to divert it towards the slab. Use a single shot to blow the slab then push the cannon off the ledge.
Step 295
Go back and bring the boulder down to the switch. Remember twice.
Step 296
Thrust back up to the horizontal crack to the right of the huge maggot machine. With the RCD and by adjusting your aim from central...
Step 297
...turn on the transporter on the other side. This diverts the majority of maggots from falling into the cavern below (which is useful because that's where you're going).
Step 298
Take care not to drop the RCD into the crack as it will take a few lucky shots to get it across to drop down into the water. Teleport back to the switch as thrusting down to it turns off the transporter.
Step 299
Stand under the switch facing left. Scroll down to see the horizontal slab opening and closing. When you press the switch, the slab will close. You must time this so that you press the switch just as the slab is above to open. Keeping the slab closed acts as a pump and forces the water level to rise. When it reaches your ankles, pick up the boulder to weigh you down and continue pressing the switch.
Step 300
When the water has completely filled the caverns where you are, it has to fill the equivalent of another screen area above you to reach the huge maggot-manufacturing machine. Use your best judgement to time this - keep pressing the switch, of course...
Step 301
And then fly up again by the side of the machine.
Step 302
You will now witness a huuuuugggeeee explosion. (On the Master 128 version, the whole screen starts shaking like crazy!) The water now continues to rise, of its own accord, flooding Triax's caverns.
Step 303
You can now thrust up through the water to the machine. If you want to get the two crewmen back to your spaceship you need your skates on and a bit of luck. Stand to the right of the transporter, remember twice then turn it on, go in and get the crewmen free from under the ledge to float up as the water rises.
Step 304
The water will lift the block and put out the fire. Remember you can only use a pistol (or the blaster from a safe distance) and Triax may turn up.
Step 305
Line the men up to go up and then get them across to the transporter
Step 306
The crewmen will now float up past where the red birds were.
Step 307
Get them into the transporter at the top...
Step 308
Now push them off the ledge and then into the transporter where Chatter was originally found. You need your skates on because, as the water rises up this part, it gets very difficult to get the men down. Push them to the right so they fall down...
Step 309
And go with them into the transporter below.
Step 310
They should now be transported to the original cannon location.
Step 311
Remember then get them to the spaceship one at a time.
Step 312
Teleport, hopefully back to the maggot machine.
Step 313
Remember again to the side of the transporter and set your aim straight down. Get the destinator and hold it as you thrust down to the opening then throw it and blast it through.
Step 314
Take it into the transporter to follow the same route home.
Step 315
Fortunately, it should be a bit easier than taking the crewmen back...
Step 316
...because you can actually hold onto the Destinator.
Step 317
Triax will be after you with a vengeance so be prepared to drop the destinator to use the blaster or he will snatch it and take it back to its original location.
Step 318
When you get the destinator to the lower cabin, you should save. As soon as you take it above, the spaceship begins to orbit the planet and that is the end of the game.

Variations And Posers

I wonder if you will excuse my indulgence in discussing a few variations and posers I have never resolved...

The Robot Next To The Pistol
I led this up the vertical passage and to where the key lay under the bees hive .. and never saw him again. Another time after doing this I went up the next vertical passage, and instead of shooting up at the two birds, I let them fly right then opened fire. This ignited the fire which wasted not only them but the robot as well.

Mushroom Immunity Pill
It appears that the vertical slab is weakened after several blasts. If, as you walk towards it, you appear to be in slow motion, then you are being blown back by the bush. Keep pressing the pickup key. After once emptying the contents of the icer into the slab while pressing pickup, I collected the pill. A couple of times I have remembered at the slab then gone back to say where the imps are. I then teleported back, pressing pickup and right and collected it that way.

Plasma Gun
I once blew the lightning gargoyle by dropping the flask onto it. I then got it flashing with the icer and dropped four grenades on it.

The Two Fireballs
The small pool appears to have no effect on them. On collecting the fireproofing device, you can get them to follow you a very long way. Could these be put to some use?

The Red Birds
Firing the plasma gun while walking through the mushrooms approaching the red birds causes the mushrooms to convert into crystals, collide and explode. Maybe you could waste a few birds this way.

The Strong Teleporting Robots
After waiting for them to reappear again at the rockets I went out past the door to find them down below inactive. After pushing them around, shooting and generally abusing them, they suddenly came back to life. Were they permanently stunned?

An alternative to blowing them could be using the cannon, by the way. I have found this to be inconvenient though. More often than not, while you're waiting for them to appear in front of it, they are certain to turn up behind you, or on top of it.

The Two Crewmen
As the passage at the top of the windy tunnel area is soon filled with water, perhaps they could be got down by having the second boulder already there. Get this out by throwing it straight up to shoot it through the fire with the plasma gun.

Red Herring?
I got the big box down to the crack at the right of the maggot machine. Stand on it and try to thrust through as an imp or robot attacks. When you are halfway along, stand up then thrust up as you turn left and right to get through a secret passage to the destinator. Above the destinator is another secret passage, but it seems to be too small to get it through???

You can get him temporarily off your back! Remember above the switch where the pistol was, blow the switch, turn on the transporter (if it's off) with the RCD, go in, blow the switch at the other end, turn on that transporter and teleport back. When Triax turns up, blast him into the transporter to trap him for a while.

You might also notice during the game that Triax seems to have a little schizophenia about him. In fact, this is because there are two Triaxes. There is one Triax who cannot enter water and who is not affected by the grenades. And there is a second Triax who can swim under the water. Chatter only ever fires at one of them and, very, very rarely, both will simulataneously turn up and start shooting at you, particularly when you're in the Destinator's location, as this screenshot shows.

Weird, isn't it?

Is it possible to kill Triax? Even when you're in orbit on the standard BBC and Electron versions, he turns up and takes the destinator leaving you helpless!


Finally, to those who think Exile is too hard and too long. As I have previously mentioned, I have played it through without saving my position and have got the destinator back to the spaceship (i.e. without the crewmen) in four and a half hours. This could be bettered as I need not have collected so many power pods.

John McHugh, EUG #18