Leaving Exile

By John McHugh

Originally published in EUG #18

My adventures in Exile conclude with this issue and, without wanting to nitpick, I note that my copy of the EUG #16 disk did not have a whole chunk of the text originally submitted [This error was rectified when readers pointed it out! - Gus] and EUG #17 made no mention of it even though I sent the missing part again for inclusion.

I do fully appreciate the task of editing a whole disk though and suspect that I didn't help matters by only sending in the articles a few days before each issue deadline. I hope you don't think I'm just waiting for the next clanger; I know it's hard enough to just produce an error-free program or letter!

EUG #17 was excellent and promised much for the future. I sympathise with the uninterested with the amount of disk space Exile's solution requires - probably needs more than the game! I only took on the task though in response to Christian Weber's and Gus' pleas for help. I will be quite glad when it's completed to make space for topics of more general interest.

As you have indicated that an annual payment of subscriptions will benefit the running of EUG, I have enclosed such payment.

John McHugh

Don't apologise for nitpicking as without it I wouldn't know how well I was doing. I need feedback, hopefully accompanied by a contribution, so that I can perfect the EUG methods and systems. I don't take any criticisms personally as I have very thick skin. So if you see a problem or something you don't like then just tell me about it when sending a submission.

As far as your articles about Exile are concerned, there are a number of readers following Mike Finn's adventures. I am too for that matter. Clearly, some members will criticise some of EUG's contents but if anyone doesn't like something, then don't read it.

If writing anything for EUG stops being fun then don't do it. I run EUG because I love it. I do and will continue to nag (in a friendly way) for readers to send in programs. Without them EUG will not continue.

I'm sure many readers hope you will continue after the Exile saga to share your efforts with other Electron games. You may not fully realise that your writing is really quite interesting. Don't get the idea that your articles are not enjoyed not just for their subject but for their content.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #18