Mornington Crescent

By Matthew Ford

Originally published in EUG #18

In EUG #9, Christopher Chadwick sent in a conversion of Mornington Crescent to run in Mode 1 on a 64K Electron. It's a game based on the London Underground and was originally published in The Micro User. At last, I have managed to compress it enough to run on a 32K Electron, still in Mode 1, apart from the instructions which are deleted from memory after they've been read.

All of the station names and numerical data are now stored directly in memory and retrieved using a machine code routine (instead of using BASIC array variables). The game is, however, extremely sluggish, and passing through King's Cross means a very long wait for your next move! The memory is also very tight so if you want to improve the program, you will probably have to shorten a message or remove an unnecessary routine somewhere!

Matthew Ford, EUG #18