By David McCormick

Originally published in EUG #51

I am writing to the Electron User Group in the hope that it could help me in my work for International Aid Trust, a Christian charity helping sick and terminally ill children (mainly in Eastern Europe).

From time to time we get old computers donated for resale or sending overseas. Recently we got a BBC Master 128 with a 3.5" floppy disk drive and a couple of BBC Model Bs with 5.25" ones. However, we have very little software on either disk size and seek any hard/software material lists your members may have together with how much they want for any items.

I am also having a few problems with the BBC Model Bs and would appreciate some help in setting them up.

David J McConnell
Flat 2, 7 Royds Avenue, Heysham, Morecambe, LANCASHIRE LA3 1PA

There is a definitive lack of 3.5" disk software for BBC machines (apart from the Electron) as the commonest drive when professional software was being released was the 5.25" one. However, dredging through the archives did result in a few professional releases that transferred to 3.5" disks without worry. These have been forwarded free.

If any EUG readers can help further, they can contact EUG or refer to it in contact with Mr McConnell directly. Note that he is searching for disks on both formats to be used with youngsters whose first language is not necessarily English. Mainly titles such as Hopper and Arcadians suit best the purpose.

Any readers still 'up' on BBC Model B setups?

Dave E, EUG #51