Patience Revamped

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #51

I have now rewritten my three patience games in a brand new format with smaller cards. The designs are perhaps not perfect but are the best I could do for the present - any comments or suggestions are welcome!! The number cards for Scorpion are slightly different as I could not use the graphics cursor for printing the cards.

The menu sets up the characters and includes the instructions for the games which can be skipped if you do not need them.

The undo facility I had on the Beleagured Castle program is not in the program as I had some problems with it. I am hoping to add this and possibly other options later. I am also hoping to add other games too.

Richard Dimond

Particularly apt when products are upgraded is the maxim that "Software is never finished". Fortunately, it's counter-balanced when the new versions improve substantially on the old. That is the case here and these new versions of Richard's popular patience games, and particularly Black Hole, play much more elegantly now.

Dave E, EUG #51