Infinity And Beyond

By Tom Blakely

Originally published in EUG #51

I have recently noticed that I have lists of all the passwords and edit codes for the Repton games apart from the very last and best one, Repton Infinity. Were these ever published in the 8-bit magazines of the time? If so, where? Electron User ceased publication just as Repton Infinity hit the shelves but are the passwords the same for the BBC version? If so, perhaps they were published in The Micro User.

Tom Blakely

BBC Acorn User magazine (April 1990) didn't publish a list of passwords but did include a small 'type-in' utility to hack into the Repton Infinity "M." files and list the passwords. Unfortunately, the only such file supplied with the Repton Infinity package is for the first set of REPTON 3 TAKE 2 screens, so the utility only gives three passwords out of a total of eighteen. These are:


The utility isn't otherwise useless though as it could be handy should you design your own screens and afterwards forget your passwords. One more password can be added to the list courtesy of my own prowess on this game:


Of course, this still leaves fourteen passwords lacking. Anyone who can help Tom further is encouraged to send a copy of the information exchange to EUG so everyone can benefit from it.

The Password Printer utility is included on this disk. BBC users will need to delete the small "e" from "eM." in the last line to use it. Several new Repton Infinity games were published by HeadFirst PD on demo disks which included the ".M" files. Although these are sadly missing from the Electron Haven archives, this utility should work on those too.

Dave E, EUG #51