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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #60


My, my, my, EUG has been busy this summer! All EUG discs revamped, on all formats, compatible over all machines and all free from together with almost all A&B type-ins typed and checked. Now get downloading and reviewing 'em...


We've fresh blood boiling in all senses in the PD adventure Dracula's Castle which is equipped with a quite advanced HELP facility and now made compatible with all BBC machines including the Acorn Electron. The Scott Adams series also continues with Adventure No. 11: Savage Island Part Two.


The eternal series reaches its ninth instalment with two insultingly easy puzzles guaranteed to appeal to all village idiots.

"An extended look at the various Acorn/BBC related machines that flooded onto the market in the 80s. How many of them have you got hiding in your attic? Includes things you never knew you never knew!" Reproduced from MICROMART #658.

The intricacies of EUG #58's opener and its source code explained with example programs by our master-coder Chris Dewhurst.


Disassembler (BBC B, B+, Master only)
It's Chris Dewhurst's turn to present a disassembler utility to add to your collection. Full documentation on using it ensures it's far easier to use than its professionally released contemporaries.

Four brand new Jigsaw piccies to add to your collection, including the troublesome, but now completed, Eternity puzzle. All advanced by pressing SPACE or saved to another disc with S.


The Dave casts an auspicious eye over Moonbase Beta and The Viking Collection PD games for the BBC, and examines a Joystick Interface and Sound Expansion Cartridge cartridge for the Electron.


Feedback on some reviews at last; Margaret Stanger and Simon Ullyatt lament the end of the true 8-bit era; the last word on disc and Chris Dewhurst wonders what will happen after in this full mailbag section.


This issue's opener is a mock up screenshot of what a fantastic conversion of The New Zealand Story might look like on the BBC series. It was produced using Mosaic on A&B 2.08.

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