"Jigsaw" Kaori From Akira

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #60

Since EUG #46 there have been regular occurences on the EUG discs of images said to be "Jigsaw compatible". All the phrase actually means is that they can be loaded into the game Jigsaw where they will be muddled up and you can enjoy putting them back together again.

In the past, care has been taken to distribute these images with loader programs. As Jigsaw is a game which will only operate at &E00, this allowed all readers (including those with &1D00 and &1900 systems) to at least see them on screen, even if it was not possible for them to "play" with them. The Jigsaw Editor, supplied with EUG #46 and allowing you to customise the colours of designed screens will also run at &1D00.

There are now over fifteen or so Jigsaw images doing the rounds on both EUG discs and in PD land, and it is time to present a simple utility to show these images as slides, rather like some of the recent slideshows seen in EUG. To co-incide with it, on this disc you will find four new Jigsaw images which you can scroll through by pressing SPACE. If you don't have a memory-hungry disc system, you can either transfer them to your own Jigsaw disc or use them direct from this one using the Jigsaw Load option.