Savage Island Part 2

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #60

OK, you've solved Savage Island Part 1 and now have the password (123) but where to now? Well, consider two things. First, you're in a state of extreme undress except from the bandanna give to you by the pirate in part one. Second, outside the force field things are a little lacking too, particularly in the oxygen department. You can't get very far, even if you do expel all the air from your lungs after leaving the force field.

Answers: The lack of clothes you don't need to worry about and you can get about providing you breathe properly. You must HYPERVENTILATE. Type this then GO out of the force FIELD. BREATHE OUT. Now go EAST, SOUTH, WEST and West again. You should be in a room with another force field and your air will be getting very short indeed! GO FIELD and BREATHE IN that good air!

Hmmm, this is a strange room. LOOK in the HYDROPHONICS and you'll see some plants. LOOK at these PLANTS and you'll see a flower. GET the FLOWER - you're going to need it. Now PRESS the BUTTON to wake the Neanderthal man in the display case. HOLD your BREATH and CRUSH the FLOWER to put him to sleep. Now DRAG NEANDERTHAL and go NORTH, NORTH and then EAST. DROP NEANDERTHAL in the red room and now go back West to the control console. It's time for Psychotransfiguration!

WEAR the BANDANNA - it's a rayshield to protect your brain. PRESS the BUTTON and SAY FREE (the password from part one). Now PRESS the BUTTON again and - zap! - OPEN your EYES. Strange, you're in the red room. That's because your mind is now in the Neanderthal's body!

Go West back to see yourself standing at the console. Weird, eh? Type EXAM ME and GET the BANDANNA off yourself as you'll need it later. Now go SOUTH and SOUTH to the room containing the hydrophonics. Being a strapping Neanderthal, you can now fit a lot more air into your lungs. HYPERVENTILATE as before and GO FIELD. Don't forget to BREATHE OUT once you've done this.

Move EAST, EAST and EAST then NORTH, NORTH and NORTH again. You'll pass a weakly flickering force field but don't go in there just yet. CLOSE your EYES as protection against the flickering red light and GO FIELD. OPEN your EYES and you'll find yourself in a sort of gymnasium, once the living quarters of the alien beings in charge of the 'project'.

Play with the ball and punchbag if you like (You don't have to!) then move NORTH and EAST. EXAMINE the VIEWSCREEN. Look over the console too but don't be concerned if nothing seems to happen; it's not for you. Now go West and then NORTH. Ah ha, the captain's quarters! GET the WAFER - this will give you some explanation of what's happening. DROP the WAFER when it's finished otherwise it will play incessantly each time you move.

Make your way SOUTH and SOUTH back to the gymnasium. READ the DIAL on the console. Now how do you get this thing to work? There is a treadmill and a lever that won't budge. DROP the BANDANNA. EXAMINE BANDANNA and you'll see some golden threads. UNRAVEL these THREADS, GET the THREADS and then tie one end TO LEVER. Tie the other end TO TREADMILL. Then GO onto the TREADMILL. GET the RAILING and RUN. The lever will move. Then DROP the RAILING and WALK from the treadmill.

Don't go through the force field to check out the air on the other side otherwise you will get sucked out into outer space. The weakly flickering force field must now be reset, as beyond this lies a door open to the void! UNTIE the THREADS and GET THREADS again. Then move NORTH and EAST to the room with the viewscreen again.

Now for something cunning! Tie threads TO THREADS and make a loop. DROP the LOOP and GO LOOP. Surprise, surprise! Another part of the ship. EXAMining the MACHINERY will reveal an alien device. GET this DEVICE and then turn your attention to the console. READ the DIAL and PUSH the BUTTON. It's done. GO through the black HOLE back to the room you came from then GET the LOOP and return West and SOUTH to the gymnasium. Now GO through the force FIELD.

Hmmm, fresh air. Make your way back SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, WEST, NORTH and West to the room you first entered at the beginning of the adventure. You can check out what's beyond the now reset force field on the way back if you like but don't stay too long. There's no air!

Now to deal with the dinosaurs. You're about to send the bomb back through time. DROP the LOOP, READ the DIAL and PRESS the BUTTON on the console. You can't talk so MOVE the RED switch on the alien device to provide the password. GET the BLOCK and GO through the force FIELD with it. DROP the BLOCK and GO FIELD yet again. Now PRESS the BUTTON to send the bomb on its way.

Now for the final phase. GO LOOP and you will arrive at a different location. Now MOVE the BLUE switch on the alien device. You will be go somewhere else. Simply PRESS the BUTTON in front of you to end the game. You are given the following coded message:

ULK#$+S(VA035DBIH0;7E8\MP4J1TQ@F%G WX6C?Y,Z=&R*-N2)9

If you have an original copy of the game, you should find an envelope containing a list of each character and the phrase it corresponds to. This is the story to which it corresponds.

U After resealing the wayward seed controller
L back in its case, the robopirate
K continues to execute its main programming.
# Strangely, none of the master race are
$ around, but the seed specimens are fine in
+ the storage hold. A strange looking
S creature is found wandering in the ship.
( Looking somewhat like the seed specimens,
V the robopirate decides to treat it as such
A and temporarily stores it away in the
0 hold. Continuing with its programming,
3 the robopirate lands the ship on the blue-green
5 planet it is currently orbiting.
D It then proceeds to hide the ship and rearrange
B the interior slightly. The engine
I and control compartment is separated and
H launched off into deep space. The seed
O specimens are then released from the display
; cases in the storage hold. The colony
7 prospers and the strange specimen originally
E found wandering the ship becomes
8 their chief. Strangely enough, the chief's
\ offspring look more like him than they
M do his assorted wives! Checking the
P planet, the robopirate finds one lone
4 wandering dinosaur. Being the last of its species,
J the robopirate stores it away in a now
1 vacant display case. All looks well and
T the robot closes the now hidden ship and
Q powers itself off. 100,000 years pass
@ and a timer reactivates the robot, which
F then goes to implement its final programming
% in the timeswap plan. The plan: make
G sure a current inhabitant is tricked
W into going back in time to eradicate the
X giant reptiles (for the robot is completely
6 unable to harm or kill any living being.)
C Later, with a slight robotic chuckle,
? the robot realizes the strange twist
Y of fate which awaits the specimen he chooses.
, For it is obvious now that the Neanderthal
Z sleeping in the display case these
= 100,000 years has the brains and personality
& of the chosen victim. Yet it is the
R victim's own genes which help launch the
* race of Man (after first ridding the world
- of the dinosaur!) Slayer of the dinosaur
N and father of all mankind, the world's
2 greatest hero now rests in the body of
) a prehistoric caveman. Who knows what
9 great adventures await him in the future?