Vortex Demo

By HeadFirst PD

Originally published in EUG #68

The Vortex Demo -
Relax And Drink A Cup Of Coffee

There are no instructions to this demo, unearthed due to the recent surfacing of the whole HeadFirst PD catalogue. It was originally written in the summer of 1991 by Gareth Boden and James Treadwell, after they had both just finished school for summer (and weren't half glad). So sit back, relax and drink a nice cup of coffee or tea while you read its message.

The demo runs in Mode 2 and users of standard Electrons will probably find it intolerably slow. However, the demo is one of only a handful actually written primarily for an Electron. Indeed, it pokes the Electron sound chip directly to produce the two pieces of music with the result that you only hear music at all if running it on an Electron. It runs perfectly well on a BBC B or Master 128, mind - but runs in silence.