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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #68

The years roll on by, the tapes and discs roll on in, the site gets bigger and bigger... and EUG introduces more and more people to what's happening in Acorn Electron World. And what a lusciously illustrated ragbag of articles, demos, games, reviews and utilities do we have for you this year, thanks in large part to the Dreamland Fantasy's utility Image2BBC...? Why, only last year in EUG #67, we introduced you to what we called our 'biggest issue ever' - and EUG #68 continues the trend, practically bursting at the seams with our news, views and reviews of what's going on in Electronland.

So without further ado, let's dive in to this disc of delights.


Mike Finn In The Land Of The EXILE We round off the Edge article serialisation with the lowdown on Exile and Tetris, two games which have stood the test of time so easily that it really makes no sense to believe we won't still be playing them in another fifty years. On top of that, our 'News' section heads up the latest acquistions and THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS 2007 retrospects another glorious year of the Acorn Electron World web site. Oh, and there's always that Rainbird blockbuster Weird Dreams that's heading over the horizon towards us (and no, it's not an early April's Fool Joke). A Game To Make BBC/Electron Owners Swoon - WEIRD DREAMS Is In Development!


HeadFirst PD's Vortex Demo makes it to the magazine at last, some twelve years after we started campaigning to track it down. And look no further for the influence of Image2BBC than in our Coverart Slideshow in which the Electron's palette is used to the full to produce imagery the like of which you've rarely seen...!





Two awesome new games for the Electron: Omniscient is a professional graphic adventure written entirely in machine code; The Search For Sanity a newly converted bulletin board favourite not seen in PD World until now. The disc also includes Crystal Castle, a graphical adventure for the BBC B, unearthed a few years ago during an internet search. The site now seems to have disappeared hence again the game is now only available here...!


No less than thirteen reviews in this year's issue, spanning just about every type of release throughout the Electron's lifetime and, again, all owing a debt of gratitude to Dreamland's Image2BBC for their presentation!

Travel back to where it all began with the newly revamped versions of 40 Educational Games, Cassette 50 Games, Night World and Tarzan Boy. Look at the new releases of BBC PD Games #1, Black Widow 2 and Micro User 12.03. Feel our wrath as we play the lamentable Shanghai Warriors, compare all six Centipede clones and plough through Acorn Programs #3. Then finally, delve into the darker side of software with our reviews of Strip Poker 2 and The Kaori Cel Experiment before coming bang-up-to-date with our Retro North review.


HeadFirst PD also bring you 32 extra screens for White Magic by the 4th Dimension.


'The Ale Of The North' opener is our faithful Image2BBC'ed reproduction of a CAD design we purchased from Covent Garden in the run-up to Christmas 2007. Unfortunately we cannot find the name of the artist on it anywhere, but we're sure you agree it's a clever allogram of Newcastle Brown and The Angel of the North.

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