By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #68

This adventure is available across many computer formats and I can't take the credit for solving all of the puzzles. However there are many subtle differences (and a few big ones!) from machine-to-machine. Fortunately, the BBC and Electron versions are exactly the same. The best advice I can give in following this solution is take great care with the AZAP CODEs - type in any code wrong and it's curtains for you! Also the game has a RAM save option executed by QSAVE and QLOAD. Use it!

You begin this adventure strapped to a conveyor belt. BREAK the BANDS holding you then go U and U again. PULL the LEVER here to stop the robots. Now go D and EXAMINE the MACHINERY. You will find some tape. GET the TAPE and go N and GET the FUSE. Now go E and E then EXAMINE the CHAIR. A knob, you say?

TURN the KNOB and some gloves will appear. GET the GLOVES and WEAR THEM before going S. EXAMINE the CABINET in this room and you will be able to GET a CANISTER. Now, OPEN the TAPE. It will begin to dissolve, but the gloves will protect you from death. PUT the TAPE ON the CANISTER and it will dissolve it to leave Dexta, Serta and Masta. GET ALL of these and go W. INSERT the SERTA and OPEN the first APERTURE. You will pass through. Now EXAMINE the APERTURE and note the code ('ROO'). Go U and EXAMINE the second APERTURE for another code ('DHT'). OPEN IT then EXAMINE the CONTROLS. You'll find another code ('ELY').

Go D and entering AZAP CODE ELY will teleport you. From this new location, go U and OPEN the PYXIS. Type YES at the "Are you sure?" prompt and two lenses will fall out. GET the LENSES then GO ELEVATOR. EXAMINE the elevator PANEL to discover there are three floors within the complex and PRESS M2 to visit the top one. LEAVE. REMOVE the SERTA from your data slot so you can TALK WITH YAGMOK. (He doesn't converse with you if you don't!)

The riddle he gives you is rubbish and his first sentence is the answer to the problem. Simply ASK YAGMOG FOR KEY. (Doh!) Now GET the KEY (It's also a badge!) and GO ELEVATOR again. PRESS G to get to the ground floor then LEAVE, DROP the LENSES and GO ELEVATOR again. PRESS M2 to get back to where you were and LEAVE. Now you can go N and GET the PYRAMID.

Go S and GO ELEVATOR, PRESS G and LEAVE all over again. Now DROP the PYRAMID too. Go S and DROP the MASTA. INSERT DEXTA into the slot then go S again and GO ZYMOGG. The Dexta will sheild you from the beams!

Go S yet again and GET the QNUTS. Now go N and NW - answer the prompt YES - and N before EXAMINEing the EARTH. Wowee, a likkle nodule plant! GET the NODULE and go N, W, D, E and GO TUNNEL. Your way will be barred so FIRE PLASMA to blow away the obstruction! Go E and EXAMINE the SHELVES to find a suit. GET the SUIT and WEAR IT. Also GET the BAR then go D to find a skimmer. ENTER the SKIMMER and EXAMINE IT to find it's missing a fuse. That one you found right at the beginning, no less - so INSERT FUSE IN SKIMMER at once and render it operational. Leave it for a while though and go U and GET the CUBE. Come back D and now BOARD the SKIMMER and RIDE IT over to Yagmok's island. (If you don't get there, WAIT 5 or WAIT 10 then RIDE SKIMMER again until you do!)

On the isle, go SW and E then EXAMINE the RUBBLE to uncover a hatch. WEAR BADGE then OPEN the HATCH. Go D it and GIVE the QNUTS TO DRIBBLE who will slobber at you in gratitude! Go D and D again then go E and DROP the NODULE. Go E and GET the COAT. EXAMINE the QUARTERS to find another code ('EPO') before going W. RIDE the HOOP to make it through safely then go U, U, W and NE so you can BOARD the SKIMMER again. RIDE IT back (WAITing if the tide's in before trying again!) then go U, W, D, W, U, E and D. EXAMINE the ASH and you will find a ball!

GET the BALL and go U, S, S, W, SE and W. GET the MANUAL here, READ IT (for a hint about the tree-puzzle) then DROP IT. Go E and GO ARCHWAY before going N. REMOVE the SUIT and DROP IT then WEAR the COAT instead. It will glow. REMOVE the DEXTA and GET the MASTA and INSERT IT. GO into the DOME - Masta protecting your passage - and GO PLATE and it will descend. Now go D, SW and S to a pool. EXAMINE the POOL to find a cutter and GET CUTTER.

REMOVE the MASTA now and DROP IT. INSERT the SERTA and you can GET the ORE. Go U and U then GO PLATE again. Now go E and PLACE the ORE IN the CHUTE. Nothing will happen until you PRESS the BUTTON then a tube will fall out. GET the TUBE then continue W, SW and N. GET the LENSES now and go N, N, NE, N and E. You are confronted by Mokki-Ray. SPIN the BAR to get rid of it and go E and U. WEAR the LENSES before venturing further.

FLIP KNOT. You will be asked "Are you sure?" and reply YES. The door will fly open but provided you are wearing the lenses, you will be protected from the light. GET the TABLET and the light will vanish. REMOVE the LENSES and DROP THEM. Now EXAMINE the TABLET for the code 'AKN' and a cryptic message spurring you to BREAK the TABLET. There's a rod inside so GET ROD before going D, W, SW, S and S.

GET the PYRAMID again and GO ELEVATOR. PRESS M1 and LEAVE. Go D and type AZAP CODE AKN to teleport. Now go U, SE and E. WHIRL the ROD to dispel the Zemps then go S, W and GO SOCLE. Inside of it, DROP PYRAMID AND CUBE then go E, GET the DIME, go back W, GO SCOLE and DROP the ROD to complete the magic three. The socle will be lowered. Go D and GET MORTAR AND POD. Now go U again, GO SOCLE and go E, N, E, NW and D. Type AZAP CODE ELY to teleport again.

GO U and GO ELEVATOR. Inside, PRESS G and LEAVE. Go S and S and GO ZYMOGG before going S a third time. GIVE DIME TO BROZNAK and he will lead you through a secret door! Inside here, go E and GET BOTTLE then back W. Go N, N and W and EXAMINE the DEBRIS to discover Yurek, your other self! DROP the DEXTA to free up inventory space then GET YUREK and DROP YUREK to wake him up. GET the DEXTA before you forget it and GIVE POD TO YUREK. Now you need to REMOVE the SERTA cartridge, DROP IT and INSERT the DEXTA one before you GET YUREK again!

Walk E and GO ARCHWAY. He will be protected by the pod. Go N and N then GO ELEVATOR. PRESS M1 and LEAVE. Now go D and type AZAP CODE EPO.

Go U and FIRE PLASMA to blast away the blocakge. Go D and type AZAP CODE ELY.

Go U and GO ELEVATOR again. This time, PRESS M2 then LEAVE. Go W and EXAMINE the DOME. It's hollow! PUT TUBE IN INDENTation then PUT YUREK IN INDENTation. Don't worry as the game freezes...you are being transported into your old self! Now, GET BOTTLE, BALL AND MORTAR and go E. GO ELEVATOR, PRESS M1 and LEAVE. Go D and type AZAP CODE EPO.

Go U, S and - Whoa! You've been captured by a plant! Go D and D then PUT BALL IN HOLE. A technician will appear. TALK TECHNICIAN and he will drop a bulb. GET the BULB and then go N and D. Type AZAP CODE ELY then go U. GO ELEVATOR, PRESS G and LEAVE. Now go S, S and E.

POUR WATER ON COMPOST then PLANT BULB IN COMPOST. It will turn into a flower but don't take it. Instead, WAIT 10 and WAIT (so wait eleven moves in total) and the flower will run to seed. GET the SEEDS and DROP SEEDS IN MORTAR. The two will make Tae Essence, a very potent poison!

Now go back W, N and N and GO ELEVATOR. PRESS M1 and LEAVE. Now go D and type AZAP CODE DHT.

Go U and rearrange all of the separate codes backwards to spell OPEN KAYLETH DOOR. After you've typed this, you are one move from completing the whole game.

To kill Kayleth, you must type THROW ESSENCE IN POOL. Anything else will kill you too...and you wouldn't want to miss the 'spectacular' congratulatory screen, would you?