EUG Morph Demo

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #71

I wonder if Will Watts just doodled the traditional Electron User Group logo on a piece of scrap paper, or whether he actually took a considered decision to produce a logo that was simple and eminently 'demoable'. Seventy-one issues later there are still hundreds of ways left to have it appear on screen...! Just look over previous magazines to see how much it has inspired Electron users over the years.

Anyhoo, this issue's 'opener' is a colour-switching demo, the result of a spare afternoon, and gives the impression of the EUG logo being morphed onto the screen from all sides. The idea came from, strangely enough, the review I penned of THE SICKSOFT COLLECTION for this very issue. There aren't a lot of modern 'animation achieved by colour-switching' demos so I set out to write my own.

If you load the file "EUGL" in Mode 2, you'll be able to see exactly how the palette switching technique gives the impression of a fifteen frame animation. If you list the program you'll also discover some clever tricks I used to cut down on development time. I've really stuck to basics with this demo - it's all only MOVE and DRAW commands stashed away inside there.

The demo is actually reasonably small, and the code could be compacted to make it even smaller. Whilst it may be of a somewhat traditional style, I still think the EUG logo has a lot going for it!