By Mirek Bobrowski

Originally published in EUG #71

How about a nice puzzle game to get you through those lonely nights? Octagram is a variation on the sliding block puzzle, done here in accomplished fashion by Mirek Bobrowski (of Bobrowski PD fame).

At the start of the game, you will see an octagram, or an eight-pointed star, with eight numbers randomly located at its points. Using an additional point at the centre, move the numbers to arrange them clockwise, from 1 to 8, with '1' being at the top.

The only moves allowed are between points joined with a straight line. Moreover, you may move a number to a new position (located at the centre point or at the periphery of the octagram) only if the position is empty.

If all peripheral points are occupied (as at the start of the game) you can move a number to the centre and keep it there until it is needed whilst moving around the other numbers.

To move any number just press the corresponding key.

Use ESCAPE to restart the game.
Use SHIFT-ESCAPE to exit.

Note: This game was originally submitted to EUG back sixteen years ago in 1994 - but on a HD disc which, at the time, we could not read!