News And The Internet

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #71

Return Of The Warrior

Four years ago, the internet lost one of its biggest Beeb sites when Chris Richardson's 8 Bit Software suddenly disappeared. We (That is, Dave M and Dave E) scurried around to try and resurrect/preserve as many of the discs as we could - but a proliferation of dodgy copies and lack of time left many of them lost to the sands of time.

But this EUG, there is the fantastic news that 8BS is back not just as an archive site but as a fully operational one. It still has free downloads and it still has masses of content that neither AEW nor Stairway to Hell do! We have a full review of the site this issue to give you the heads up on what to expect if you're a newcomer to the BBC emulation scene. Those of you who do remember 8BS however, probably can't wait that long - so just click on the logo to be taken straight there!

The Krystal Connection - A New BBC Game

Our excitement over the WIP Electron Retro Software game Treasure Island last issue meant we totally forgot to mention their second, full-blown BBC release The Krystal Connection. Released on 12th September 2009, this is a platform game that was originally destined for the Melbourne House label. The screenshots seem to indicate the fine Mode 1 detail of Stairway To Hell crossbred with the room-style layouts of Impossible Mission. We haven't seen it yet to review but will hopefully do so in the none-too-distant future.

Dave M had dedicated a lot of time and effort to Retro Software, which markets this, and Zap (See EUG #69 News), on professionally produced cassettes, 5.25" discs, 3.5" discs and as emulator CD-ROMs or direct downloads. If you splash out on a cassette, you receive the product in a blue label case very reminiscent of the early Superior Software, whilst the disc boxes owe much to the artwork adorning the later Superior/Acornsoft releases. The cheapest option, direct download, is just £1.50 a pop, or opt £2.00 for both Krystal and Zap.

Although the finished products are spotlessly presented, the wait for new products to appear stretches ever onward.

Platformer Mountain Panic and Repton The Lost Realms have been in development for well over two years now, although do slowly but surely move towards a release date. Retro Software has released a playable demo of Mountain Panic which is included on this issue's companion disc (BBC Model B only) and a video of this in action has already found its way to YouTube. With two of Retro Software's other projects now listed on its site as abandoned, let's hope new-game-strapped Beebsters do have cause to rejoice soon...!