The Rising Of Salandra

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #73


Part 1: The Prophecy

W and CLIMB up the hill. EXAMINE the TREE there and SHOUT to scare the bird away. EXAMINE its NEXT and GET the RING. Now go N and E and ENTER the CAVE. Move E and S and GET the KNIFE. Travel N, E and E again then JUMP DOWN from the ledge.

EXAMINE the HORSE and EXAMINE the backPACK. You cannot ride the horse but GET the BOTTLE and GET the TORCH as they will come in useful later. Go S and W then use the knife to CUT the ROPE from the tree. GET the ROPE and go E and N with it. ENTER the STREAM and FILL the BOTTLE with water. You now have to DROP the BOTTLE so you have enough inventory space to do what follows. GET the COIN on the ground and go U and S to the bridge. GIVE the COIN to the bridgekeeper and now go back N. ENTER the STREAM again and GET the BOTTLE you dropped earlier. Go U and S to the bridge again.

CROSS the BRIDGE and go E. ENTER the TOWER and go U, U and W. On the top floor, EXAMINE the dressing TABLE to find a mirror. GET the MIRROR and EXAMINE the WINDOW. You will discover there is a ledge beyond it so GO out on to the LEDGE and TIE the ROPE to the bar. CLIMB DOWN the rope - it will break but you will fall safely onto a ledge below. GO in through the new WINDOW and CUT the ROPE which binds the man.

GIVE the BOTTLE of water to the man and he will present you with a Golden Cross. GET this CROSS and LIFT the TRAPDOOR to leave the tower. GO TRAPDOOR then go E, D, N and S to find a boat. ENTER BOAT and ROW.

On the beach, GET the PLANKS and EXAMINE the ROCK. GET the FISH, go W and GIVE the FISH to the bear. Go E and LIGHT the TORCH from the remains of the fire. Now go W and ENTER the CAVERN. Inside, go N and EXAMINE the ALCOVE to find a key. GET KEY. Go D the steps and you will meet a scorpion. DROP the MIRROR beside it and it will be intimidated by its own reflection. GET the SHOVEL and return U, S and S.

DROP the PLANKS across the fissure then return N, E and E to the beach and DIG. UNLOCK the CHEST and EXAMINE the CHEST to find the Book of Knowledge. GET the BOOK and go W with it. ENTER the CAVERN and go S. The Book is too heavy to carry across the planks so, with all your might, THROW the BOOK across the fissure. Now CROSS FISSURE and EXAMINE the LEDGE to find it again. GET the BOOK for the second time and go S, E and E. Outside the cave is Milithir's shack.

ENTER this SHACK and GIVE back his RING. You will receive a sword. GET the SWORD before LEAVEing the SHACK. Go W, S, U, U and U then ENTER the stone CIRCLE and you will be greeted by Thrull. GIVE him the SWORD, BOOK and CROSS to him to complete this first part of The Rising Of Salandra.

Part 2: Return of the Warrior

Go W and EXAMINE the rock POOL. You will find a fishing net. GET NET and go back E and E. ENTER the CAVE here and go S into a concealed area. USE the NET here to reach the lantern. GET the LANTERN and go N to leave the cave. Now go S, S, S, S, S and W to the hill. Go UP it.

On the top you should EXAMINE the chalk FIGURE and be then able to GET a TINDERBOX. Go E, E and S then climb UP, UP, UP and UP the mountain trail before going S, W, S, W to find a ball. GET the BALL and go back N, E, N, E, E to the cabin east of the bridge. GO CABIN and EXAMINE the CHEST it contains.

OPEN the CHEST and GET the SCIMITAR inside of it before LEAVEing the CABIN. Go W and CROSS the rope BRIDGE. The cabin owner will yell at you but CUT the ROPES of the bridge to leave him stranded and go S and S until brambles bar your way. CHOP the BRAMBLES with the scimitar to reveal a way south. Follow it S, CHOP down more BRAMBLES and go S again. PUSH the stone DOOR to open it.

Now GO through the DOOR and travel S, S and S to the market square. Go E and GET the ROPE in the stable. Return N and N to the cavern and LIGHT the LANTERN. Go W to enter the dark cave and TIE the ROPE to the stalagmite. CLIMB DOWN the rope to find a gold piece. GET the GOLD piece. Now CLIMB UP and return E, S, S and S to the market square. UNLIGHT the LANTERN to conserve its power.

Go W into the inn and W again to be faced with the landlord. GIVE the GOLD piece to him and he will give you a private room. OPEN the WINDOW and PULL back the DRAPES to reveal a sleeping cat. GIVE it the BALL and GET the HAY when it chases after it. Now GO through the WINDOW to leave the inn and E and E again into the stable.

GIVE the HAY to the horse which will then allow you to GET HORSE and RIDE HORSE. Go W and N to the T-junction. Ride E and E past the waiting robbers. DISMOUNT and DROP hold of the HORSE. Now go S and E and GET the PICK from the quarry. Go S and W to enter the West hut. EXAMINE in turn the DEBRIS and the MOSAIC and then READ the INSCRIPTION you uncover. Go E, N and N then climb UP and UP the rocky path to ENTER the NEST.

CALL QUAG here and the eagle will carry you up to the fortress. GO in through the WINDOW. Go E to the East Wing and GET the BUCKET of coal. EMPTY the BUCKET and go S. Now go D and D the steps and finally W. FILL the BUCKET with water from the tub. Go back E, U, U, N, W and W to the West wing and GO inside the large FIREPLACE. EXAMINE the WALL and PUSH the loose STONES. ENTER the HOLE. LIGHT your LANTERN again and go S.

OPEN the COFFIN and EXAMINE the body of SIRAN. DROP the SCIMITAR to free up space and GET his CHARM. Go back N, GO through the HOLE, go S and go E to a room with a locked door where you first entered the fortress. UNLOCK the DOOR and GO through where the DOOR stands open.

Inside the anteroom, each time you try to go N, various demons will appear. EMPTY the BUCKET of water to extinguish the wall of flame and try to go N again. USE the PICK to smash the wall of ice. This time going N will take you into Salandra's chamber. WAVE the CHARM and Thrull will appear to battle with the evil Salandra. Keep LOOKing (Key L only) until you complete the adventure.