American Suds

By Dave Lodge

Originally published in EUG #73


This game has many things in common with Suds, its predecessor, similar humour, puzzles based on lateral thinking and literal sayings, annoying mazes and "guess the word". Still it's a (mostly) fun romp. The game doesn't understand LOOK, but you can use DESCRIBE.

Part 1 - Airport

We start in the airport directly after the end of the last part of Suds. Start by going E, S and getting all the objects present: GET STRING, GET PAPERWEIGHT, GET MANUAL, GET SOLUTION, GET HAMMER, GET SCISSORS, GET PISTOL. READ MANUAL to find the password and DROP MANUAL (as we no longer need it). Go N, N and GET LOLLIPOP. Then SMASH LOCK (on the cabinet, with the hammer) and DROP HAMMER. GET BOTTLE.

Head back S, W, S. EXAMINE COMPUTER, PRESS BUTTON and TYPE PENDRAGON to give us a ticket. GET TICKET and N, N, GIVE TICKET. If you do an INVENTORY we find that we have a boarding pass and the old ticket we got at the end of the last adventure. This is a red herring, so DROP TICKET.

Now head S, E, E, E and we get sent to a detention room. SMASH WINDOW (with the paperweight) and we get sent to the airport apron. Finally ENTER JET.

This section of the adventure has a move limit so we need to work fast. CUT BELT (with SCISSORS), DRINK BOTTLE (an antidote to the food poisoning), N, REPAIR GEORGE (the name of the auto pilot). Head back S and EXAMINE RACK, GET SHEET, MAKE PARACHUTE, EXAMINE SEAT, GET SPANNER. Now go S, S and OPEN HATCH. Finally JUMP!

We now find ourselves in Central Park. We need to head to the offices, but first we need to do a few things, first, DROP SCISSORS, DROP SOLUTION, DROP PARACHUTE, DROP SPANNER. Head E and MUG DUCK, then GET WALLET and EXAMINE WALLET, then DROP WALLET.

Head through the maze of bushes: E, E, E, N and EXAMINE BUSHES, then GET LEAFLET and READ LEAFLET. Return to Central Park (W, W, W) and head S to the cab rank and BOARD CAB.

Now we're outside the offices, go E and GIVE LOLLIPOP to the guard, continue on E and PRESS BUTTON to get to the penthouse. Head E, E, E, E to the wardrobe and GET FLARES (bit of a pun here).

Go back W, W, N, E to the den. READ LEAFLET to get the safe combination (4549). EXAMINE PAINTING to reveal the safe and DIAL 4549, EXAMINE SAFE and GET CONTRACT. Then EXAMINE DESK and GET PIN, PRICK FINGER and SIGN CONTRACT.

Now head W, W, U, E to the helipad. LOAD PISTOL, FIRE PISTOL and BOARD HELICOPTER to finish.

Part 2 - Dullas

You start on the helipad, head E, S and EXAMINE WALL, then LIFT (the loose) BRICKS and GET HAT. Now head N, N, E to the barn and GET BRUSH, GET SEED. Then EXAMINE STRAW, EXAMINE STRAW, EXAMINE STRAW and GET GUN, GET KEYS, GET STARCH.

Head back W, W, S, W and SHOOT ROOSTER to stop the cock and drain the swimming pool. Go E, N, N, E, E to the bottom of the swimming pool and GET PAINT, then PAINT HAT. DROP PAINT, DROP BRUSH and WEAR HAT.

Go U and N and GET MARTINI, to save us time later, STIFFEN MARTINI. Head E, E, S, S and FEED DUCK and GET BATTERY, DROP SEED. Continue S, W, W, W, N, N, N, N.

Go E and LIFT FLOORBOARDS. GET MATCHES and continue E to the den. EXAMINE DESK and GET RECORDER, INSERT BATTERY (into the recorder).

Head back W, W, U and GIVE MARTINI to get rid of Pseudo Helen, then go E and SHOOT CABINET, DROP GUN. EXAMINE CABINET, GET CASSETTE and INSERT CASSETTE (into the recorder), PLAY RECORDER to get the aim of this part, then DROP RECORDER.

Go back W and N and EXAMINE WALLPAPER to get the code for the gates (956). Head to the drive ( S, D, S, S, W) and UNLOCK CAR, BOARD CAR and DIAL 956 to open the gates then DRIVE CAR.

We should arrive at your offices, so EXIT CAR and E, N. EXAMINE DESK and READ LIST to get a list of phone numbers, the only one we really need is 368 for Whirleybirds Inc.

Head S, E and EXAMINE HEAD, then GET FUSE. Go back W, S and GET JELLY. Continue E and EXAMINE PAINTING for a clue. Then LIFT CARPET to find a locked safe. DROP JELLY, DROP FUSE and LIGHT FUSE to open the safe. EXAMINE SAFE and GET CARD.

Go W and DIAL 368 to order a helicopter, then go N, U to the helipad. BOARD HELICOPTER and INSERT CARD to be transported to the oil fields.

At the oil fields, head S, E, N, E and EXAMINE CACTUS, GET THORN. Go back W, S and PICK LOCK (with the thorn), then E and GET SPADE, GET LOLLY. EXAMINE SWITCHBOARD and PRESS BUTTON (to start up the oilfield).

Leave the control room: W, W, S, S and LIGHT OIL to explode the derrick. Now go E and GIVE LOLLY to get rid of Psuedo Helen, then go S to the burnt-out remains of the scrub. Finally, DIG, then DIG to finish this part.

Part 3 - Carryon Mansion

You start outside the mansion, start by going E and GET HAIRS. Then N and EXAMINE NOTHING, GET ROPE. Go S, S and EXAMINE PLANT, GET GARLIC. Go back N, W, W, W, S and EXAMINE HAY. GET PILLOW and N, N.

You get kidnapped by the 'Hay-Team' who're intent on eating you, to stop this, EAT GARLIC and WAIT. Now go N and EXAMINE LINE. GET BOOTS, REMOVE SHOES, DROP SHOWS, WEAR BOOTS and GET PEGS.

Go back S, S, E, E, S, S and CLIMB TREE, E, TIE ROPE, D. Once in the shed, GET CHISEL, GET THREAD and CONCRETE BOOTS. UNBOLT DOOR and head out N, N, E, N to the compost heap and GET WORM.

Go S, S and watch as the dog breaks his teeth. GET NEEDLE and CHISEL CONCRETE to remove the concrete. Whilst we're here, THREAD NEEDLE, STUFF PILLOW (with the dog hairs), SEW PILLOW.

Now head into the mansion: N, W, W, N and GET PARCEL, then GIVE PEGS to be allowed to access the rest of the mansion. Head N, E and OPEN PARCEL, which'll spill out some mice who'll eat a hole in the panelling and show a secret room.

Carry on E and GET FLUTE, PLAY PIANO and GET KEY. Carry on E and GIVE FLUTE. GET PIE and SMASH PIE to find a file. GET FILE and head back W, W, UNLOCK DOOR and N. EXAMINE CHEST to discover what sort of chest it is, then GET HANDBAG, EXAMINE HANDBAG, DROP HANDBAG, GET CARD, GET PISTOL.

Head S, W, U, E to the master bedroom and EXAMINE BED, GET POST. Go E and DROP PILLOW, then D to get to the courtyard. Head E, FILL PISTOL then SWIM LAKE.

Go S, S, W, S and FIRE PISTOL, DROP PISTOL to get rid of the guard cat. Continue S and INSERT CARD and S. INSERT DISC and RUN PROGRAM to get told how to beat this part.

Now head N, N, N, E, S where you're given a meat pie. THANK COD and go S, FEED FISH and GET SCALES. Head back N, N, E, S, U, S, S and WEIGH PIE to finish this part.

Part 4 - Kill Street Blues

You start in the roster room, stark naked. Go E, GET TWINE, EXAMINE SHELVES and GET JACK. Head back W, U, W and you're thrown in a cell for being naked. GET MATTRESS, then LEVER BARS, head out E and N. GET KNIFE, GET DYNAMITE, GET GUN, GET BOMB, GET CROSSBOW . Whilst we're here, CUT MATTRESS, EXAMINE MATTRESS, GET KEY, DROP MATTRESS.


Head back S, S, S, there's a bomb on the car, but we can ignore it - just don't be in this room when it explodes! Head W, N to the stables and EXAMINE HORSE and REMOVE STONE. READ NOTE, GET NOTE, DROP NOTE, GET BOLT, DROP JACK, GET STONE.

Now head to the alley: S, E, S and LENGTHEN FUSE, DROP DYNAMITE and LIGHT FUSE and go N, N, N, E, D, TEST IQ to get some clues and a number: 246.

Head back U, W, S, S, S, D through the now open manhole. Carry on S, S and GET TWIG. Now go U and DIAL 246 and W. UNTIE ARSENIC and GET SESAME. OPEN SESAME and GET the KEY that fell out.

Head back E, D, N, N, U, S, FIRE GUN to get rid of the thug and carry on S and GET TOKEN. Head back N, N, N and E, E, E, Go S, S into the museum. READ SHOWCASES to find a coin, DROP KNIFE and GET COIN. LOAD CROSSBOW and FIRE CROSSBOW to cut down the axe, DROP CROSSBOW and GET AXE. Head S and OPEN SARCOPHAGUS, EXAMINE SARCOPHAGUS and GET BANDAGES. Now we have all the bits to MAKE CATAPULT and LOAD CATAPULT.

Head out: N, N, N and continue E, N, W. DROP COIN and DRINK TEA, GET BONE and head D. ANSWER PHONE to be given a clue (to a puzzle we've already solved). Head back U, E, S and DROP BONE to get rid of the mutt. Head E and REMOVE UNIFORM, WEAR HABIT then S and SMASH DOOR (with the axe) carry on S and GIVE CUP to the crone to get a password (MORON).

Head back out N, N, E, S and INSERT TOKEN, then go S, D, S and BOARD TRAIN. On the new platform, head U, S, E to the wharf and FIRE CATAPULT to summon the ferry. BOARD FERRY to be taken to Liberty Island.

On Liberty Island head N, UNLOCK DOOR (with the mortice key) and ENTER DOOR. There's a thug here asking for the password so answer him: MORON and finally head E to finish the game!