Gus' Editorial 11

By Gus Donnachaidh

Originally published in EUG #24

Price Reduction

If UK members look at their envelopes, they will see that their subscriptions have increased and that an extra number has appeared in the code next to their name. The reason for this is that, after a lot of thinking and sums, I have decided to reduce the subscriptions for UK members to £1.00 per disk.

The reasons for this are:

  1. There has been a dramatic increase in membership, and subscriptions are only needed to cover costs,
  2. I reduced the rate for everyone else about a year ago but held off for the UK until there was more word about the planned increase in postage cost. As it hasn't happened, why should you wait any longer?

The extra figures in the code indicate how many money you have surplus on your subscription after your current subscription has been calculated at the new rate. If, for example, this fiture is 30p then to get one extra issue on your subscription, you should send 70p plus a few quid to top up your subscription and keep it going. If you wish, you can leave this surplus and it will be added to EUG funds.

As always, if costs increase dramatically then subscriptions will have to rise again for everyone but in the meantime, enjoy the extra!

The new members that have joined during January and February are already paying the new rate so this won't really concern them for the moment. However, I'm sure they'll join everyone else in shouting if the price eventually does have to rise again. Oh, the joys of being EUG editor!

The Death Of The Internet

The Internet has been advertising a lot lately on TV and in the press to try to convince people that it is still worthwile. It probably is - but the censorship continues apace. The French have proposed that the Internet should be subject to the same sort of controls as shipping while a UK-based company has developed software which has been adopted by the Internet which will enable any country to exclude any sections they deem unacceptable to their regimes. The US Congress has passed a bill relating to offensive material and so the Internet as a medium for global communication between ordinary people is effectively dead.

Upgrade Your Disk Drive

A member has asked me to clarify the position regarding 5.25" disks and drives in EUG. I suggest that members who use 5.25" drives would be well advised to buy one of the 3.5" High Density drives being sold for use with PCs and use 3.5" disks instead. The reasons are that 5.25" drives which are suitable for Acorn machines are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Some 5.25" drives are on the market but these were designed for PCs and, while they will work after a fashion, they won't properly read any of your 5.25" disks which have been produced with an Acorn-approved drive. A few Acorn-compatible drives are around but they are old and may not be too reliable. Sooner or later your 5.25" drive will break down and you will find yourself with a pile of disks you cannot access. However, if you buy a 3.5" drive now, you can transfer your most important stuff to 3.5" or even tape and keep the 5.25" drive for when it's really necessary. The ball's in your court. You must decide what you want to do. If your 5.25" drive does break down then contact EUG and I, or someone else, will help.

And Finally

We are into another year. Don't they go fast? Keep your submissions coming in - that's what EUG is all about, after all!

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #24