EUG #23 Pointers

By Tony Boarer

Originally published in EUG #24

I have a few pointers on EUG #23.

First, your editorial. I think it's a good idea to keep EUG to one disk until such time that you have a consistent amount of stuff to put in it; keeps the workload a bit even as well. I see that there are 99820 free bytes on the last disk even though only one free file.

On Richard Dimond's problems with the Rombox+, I thought of squeezing the contacts together but considered that this would again lead to further wear of the silvered fingers. With my 8 ROM Rombox fixed between the Electron and Acorn Plus 1, I could only avoid crashing by pushing two matchsticks (one at each end) between the Electron and the Rombox. Rombox to Acorn Plus 1 caused no problems.

Regarding my earlier letter about the quantum leap. At present, I have a Mitac 3027F notebook which is a 386. It runs with DOS 5.0 and has a lot of other pre-loaded software. At present I have started to get to grips with the Ceowrite word processor and only intend to use View for the EUG disk. Otherwise I have hardly touched the surface of its capabilities. I do not, in any case, intend to give up on the Electron or the BBC. When I do make the leap, I will go to a Multimedia PC system with the highest MHz available at that time. More about my PC thoughts separately. I also have heaps of Electron and BBC software and firmware that I have hardly explored.

Tony Boarer, EUG #24