New Contacts

By John Crane

Originally published in EUG #24

Many thanks for yet another excellent EUG. I'm no programmer as I've probably said before, but I do occasionally fiddle about with other people's programs to see how they work or to adapt them to some other purpose. To this end, I once came across 'No Place Like Home' whilst meddling. If you're interested, it's on education disk E01 by Moss PD, a little program called Caroline's House. You visit all the rooms in Caroline's House and at the end, it plays it.

If anyone else has disk drive trouble, I an recommend FRC Electronics who do everything imaginable in that department. 3.5", 5.25", Double-Density, High-Density, new or refurbished. They even do repairs although it's usually cheaper just to replace a faulty drive. In a good deal of cases they can replace with the same type. Surprisingly, they stock the original single-sided drive from early Acorn Plus 3s. Their address is:

  FRC Electronics Ltd
52 Queensway
Caversham Park Village
Tel: 01734 479550

I can offer a little help to Alan Richardson regarding AP3/4. Firstly, don't bother with Pres. I sent something similar to them in December 1994 which they promised to repair. I never got it back. I have sent a photocopy of some instructions that came with some of the stuff I got back from Derek. This is at least outlines the positions of the chips. If anybody else is interested, I'll quite happily run off some more.

As for the DFS, I have a ROM image if Alan can blow it (I don't actually have a physical ROM as readers of EUG #22 and Bill Bradbury will be aware). In fact, if this is possible, can one be done for me?

My advertisement was a tremendous success. The phone never stopped ringing. Thus I can now see actual bits of carpet in my spare room! Brilliant! Thanks to all who called. I still have a few oddments left so I've sent a revised list for this issue of EUG.

One final thing. I really love the Electron User Group information on the Editorial Menu. I have sold bits and pieces through Micromart and even sent info to people advertising in the Wanted ads. When doing so, I always promote EUG by sending the "Official" printout. Nice that.

John Crane

Apologies for the delay in printing this letter; it should've been in EUG #23 but in my panic about not having enough to put in, I forgot it! Sorry, John!

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #24