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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #45


EUG has a new look, a new style and a new Editor, Dave E! This regular 'Contents' page is just the start - Dave E is making one of his missions in this life to give EUG the attention it deserves... so it may expand and attract as many new members as possible.

Now there will probably be a few teething troubles as he gets to grips with all the different processes involved in producing the magazine. Any problems you have on your particular system feel 100% free to point out.


Reviews - A New Feature
A short article on how not to review a bad piece of software.

Letter Dropper Virus News
We report on the Letter Dropper Virus which has plagued EUG over the last few months.

Unreleased Games And Demos
Details of some of the BBC and Electron games which never quite made it to commercial release.


Robocop Demo
This is a conversion of a demo by Duncan Lilly for the BBC. It includes a neat text rolling utility that can easily be extracted for use in your own software.

Virtual Fish Demo
Have you ever wanted your own pet fish but been put off by the constant cleaning and attention it would need? If so then you'll probably want to spend a few seconds watching this little chap swim back and forth then blow bubbles.

Bazzasoft Filing System 2.34 Upgrade
Bazza presents a short demo to try out on your bemused fellow Elk-owners. It's not a serious upgrade: more a joke. Try loading it then typing something.

Big Letters
Nice and professional utility which gives a large dazzling multi-coloured message on the screen.

Fibonacci Wallpaper
Now you can create those menu backgrounds instantly with a smashing and fast machine code utility by Chris Dewhurst.

Perspective Font Demo
A demo illustrating the Perspective font - which creatively flips the letters in it quite professionally. Written by Dave E in a manner which should aid simple extraction so you can create your own effects.

Zarch Imitator Demo
A conversion of a conversion. Zarch on the Archimedes is a fast multi-directional scrolling shoot- and blast-'em up. The Elk can't keep up with it in the speed department but this utility shows how the hill contour backdrops are created. Originally written for the BBC by Duncan Lilly.


City Bomber
A version of the old favourite skyscraper game. This is a little more tricky than most and even the first level is very difficult if you have a Master RAM Board turned on. (Instructions on screen)

Dogfight - For Aces Only
A true two player Electron only graphical dogfight arcade game from Slogger Software. (Instructions included)

A full and new game by Christopher Dewhurst. Shuffle the pipe pieces to connect one site to another against the clock. (Instructions included)

Scorpion Patience
Patience with a twist by Michael Leete. (Instructions included)


What with a superb public domain adventure and wondering Whatever Happened to HeadFirst, Dave E's up nights. Also, thoughts on a new paper-based mag for 8-bit users and Nitemare Park from John Henson.


Gardenquest Adventure
Margaret Stanger presents a text only adventure originally from the pages of A&B Computing.

Solution Corner

Adventureland Solution
We begin a serialisation of solutions to all Scott Adams' adventures with the one that started it all.


Your comments and suggestions are invited as the post is a little thin.