Scorpion Patience

By Michael Leete

Originally published in EUG #45

This game was published in Electron User in October 1990 and I have made some alterations to improve it. I have improved the opening screen and added the option of entering a deal number. I have also changed the background colour of the game to blue instead of the original green as I I found this more restful for my eyes.

The deal starts with seven columns of seven cards with the first three of the first four columns face down. This leaves three cards - the tail - to be dealt when you wish. The game is played by using the column numbers to shift from one column to another to build up the suits from the Kings downwards.

When you move a card all the cards below it will follow and it is rather intriguing watching this happen!! Columns can build up to more than 21 cards, and if this happens it is continued on the right of the screen. This can be a bit confusing at times. Empty columns can only be filled by Kings and it pays to study the effect of each move carefully - you need to look ahead - especially when deciding which King to fill a space with.

It is a good game and can be rather addictive especially as you can play a deal again - I have found several deals that I have completed after two or three tries.

Happy gaming!!

Richard Dimond

Scorpion is yet another addition to the range of Patience games available for the Electron, and put together very similarly to the Headfirst series. If you enjoy this game, check out Idiot's Delight (EUG #44) and watch out for Tower Of Hanoi patience next issue.

Dave E, EUG #45