Possible Solutions

By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #45

I have received a sample of a printout from Alan Richardson showing how his printing drifts from page to page. Has anyone else had found this happens or had any other problem using the 'Print all files' option with the 'skip the perforation' routine? I do not use this routine myself but have had a printout from the Ed, using this, which was all right. I cannot see that is due to the programming and suggest that it is possibly a slight error in the linefeed of his printer. It only needs this to be a small fraction out to cause this problem and I have tried to check this by measuring his printout and there does seem to be some slight variation there.

After receiving EUG #44 with no good opening screen, I dug out a program I had found and altered it to suit. It gives a rather intriguing effect!

I have also included a patience game which I did some alterations to some time ago. It is also rather unusual since the suits are built up from the Kings downwards.

Richard Dimond

Dot-matrix printers are sometimes unreliable at feeding in paper as the printer head can whizz backwards and forwards at such speed that the lines are wonky. Sometimes selecting a font on the printer, via either a keypanel or by keyboard fx codes, can overcome this.

The documentation to Scorpion Patience is included on this disk.

Dave E, EUG #45