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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #47


It's on time! The brighter, monthly magazine with everything 8-BBC-bit that you could care or want to know. You'll gonna get it all here - articles, games, sophisticated clipart, developments, demos and reviews plus up to the minute news on the Electron scene! Let's make the new EUG a runaway success...!


You are reading this section already but it has moved to a regular position on the first submenu. Here you can view the EUG disk contents, the latest on the Electron front and note those 'bugs' on the previous issue! Richard Dimond also has a few words.

Face Off Slideshow

No, not the John Woo film. Rather a selection of ten colourful 'expressions to fit your mood' produced in Mode 1.

Games And Demos

Balloon Fun
Guide your dull balloon around the same dull maze until they come to take you away [Ah, ha! - Ed].

Banana Drama
A simple addictive BASIC game in which you must race up and down ladders to reach the Gorilla's dinner before he does! A bit more work and it could've been Killer Gorilla 3!

Ghostbusters Demo
Don't get overexcited - it's not the version Activision promised but never delivered. But this screen is also from the Robocop screen demo producer, so don't get teary-eyed either.

Robin Pike presents one of the hardest PD puzzles for the Electron.

Space Pods (v1.1)
Jon Henson's BBC-blaster revamped for the Elk. Tougher than ever - and just as addictive as Tetris!


AAUG Logo Displayer
The official Association of Acorn User Groups logo can be displayed in any mode and at any position. Simply type X%=(x co-ordinate) (RETURN) and Y%=(y co-ordinate) (RETURN) then CH."U.AAUG" (RETURN).

Electron User Screen
Make those games you have by Electron User a little more professional by transferring this loader and screen to them.


Double up with the reviews of Pres Games disks Two and Three, swim into Space Station Ewgeebez and take on breakfast cereal monsters in Weetabix Versus The Titchies.


Reluctant Hero
You are seized by aliens, have your neck implanted with a rare element detector and must save the world in three days. Phew! Do we love Paul Waterman or what? A huge two-parter written with The Quill.

Solution Corner

Jacob Gunness (at '') has published a solution to this commercial game that will allow you to get rid of the Gremlins in the game of the same name. We also continue the Scott Adams series with the Secret Mission solution.


There's no mailbag this issue, so to tempt members back into the 8-bit scene, there's a prize competition and a list of 8-bit dealers.