By Jacob Gunness

Originally published in EUG #47
This is one of the most frustrating and difficult adventures ever produced for the Electron. I honestly cannot believe it is possible to ever complete it without being told what you have to do. Luckily, a Commodore 64 website [Yech! - Ed] walkthrough made me realise the error of my former strategy and now I can direct fellow Peltzers through the unfriendly world of Gremlins.

Although there aren't that many locations in this (or any other Scott Adams game) game, you need to visit them many times. You also need to know exactly what to do (by trial and error) so you can take precautions against the Gremlins multiplying before they do so. Also, don't be fooled into following the plot of the film. The game has a different means of killing off the Gremlins!

There is a randomised death at the hands of the house Gremlins, the gang of Gremlins and the last Gremlin alive - so make sure to SAVE the GAME regularly to avoid having to return to the beginning. You need to get all the Gremlins into the cinema and the solution below takes this into account. If any other Gremlins begin to follow you, PRESS BUTTON on the camera to get rid of them.

You begin in a bedroom. Go D, GET the SWORD and GET the REMOTE. KILL the GREMLIN with the sword then DROP the SWORD and GO into the KITCHEN. PRESS REMOTE, PRESS REMOTE, PRESS REMOTE, PRESS REMOTE and PRESS REMOTE again to dispose of the Gremlins inside then EXAMINE the CHUTE and you will hopefully find Gizmo. (If you don't, restart the game. There's obviously a bug here sometimes!) PRESS the REMOTE then PRESS REMOTE again. Now EXAMINE the DRAWER and you can GET a KNIFE. EXAMINE the DRAWER again and GET the IGNITER.

You have finished with the remote so DROP REMOTE before you go E and U. KILL the GREMLIN with the knife and GET the FLASHLIGHT. Now go D and GO DOOR to leave the house. Walk N, E and E then GO through the TAVERN and GO up to the BAR. GET the CAMERA (and PRESS the BUTTON if the Gremlin gang is pestering you) and then CUT the PIPE. DROP the KNIFE so you can GET the PIPE. Now go N, N and E then GO into the CINEMA.

Inside go S and START the PROJECTOR. Loads of Gremlins will be swarm into the cinema! Go N, N, W and W and then GO into the petrol STATION you can see. GO down into the PIT, GET the TORCH and GET the BOTTLE then go U, N, W, S and S.

OPEN the VALVE and gas will seep out. LIGHT the TORCH (No, you won't be blown up!) then WELD the SNOWPLOUGH to render it useless! DROP the IGNITER and GET the LADDER. Continue N, N and W then GO through the DOOR into the YMCA.

You need to swim in the pool so DROP FLASHLIGHT, DROP BOTTLE, DROP LADDER, DROP TORCH, DROP PIPE and finally DROP CAMERA. GO into the POOL and GET the PLUG to drain all the water away. This will prevent Stripe from multiplying in the final scene of the game! (Of course, if you'd never got that far, you'd have no idea you needed to do this!)

Go U and GET your CAMERA again. If the Gremlins are here, PUSH the BUTTON before you GET the FLASHLIGHT. GET BOTTLE, GET PIPE, GET TORCH and GET LADDER before you go E, E, E, E and E. Now GO CINEMA, S and START the PROJECTOR. You will now be alone as you leave N.

Go N again and GO into the STORE. Go W now and DROP the LADDER. GET the handy HACKSAW and go E, S, W, W, W and N to be confronted with a U.S. Mailbox. Stripe's hiding inside it so get him out by LIGHTing the FLASHLIGHT and then MAILing the FLASHLIGHT. (C'mon, how many English people use 'mail' as a verb?)

CUT the BOX into small plates with the hacksaw (You mean you never thought of that?!!) then GET the PLATES and go back S, E, E and E. GO back into the STORE and N. WELD the PLATE over the vent. Now go W and WELD another PLATE.

Now go E, S and S then GO CINEMA then S. WAIT (Keep typing it!) until the little gits appear then START the PROJECTOR. Now go N, N, GO STORE, E and E to find yet another smashed vent. WELD a PLATE over it. Go W, U and E and WELD another PLATE. Now go W, U and W and you'll need to OPEN a DOOR. GO through the DOOR and, surprise surprise, yet another WELDing PLATE job!

Go back E, E and E to be faced with another closed door. OPEN the DOOR and GO DOOR then WELD another exciting PLATE over a hole! Go N, W, D, D, W and S and you'll be back outside the cinema. GO CINEMA, go S and keep WAITing (again!) until the Gremlins catch up with you! START the PROJECTOR to keep them happy then go N. Go N again and GO into the STORE. Go W and DROP the HACKSAW. GET the LADDER and go E, E, U, U, U and W. GO through the DOOR and WELD another PLATE. Go E and E and GO TRAPDOOR. WELD yet another PLATE here!

Go D, D, D, D, W and W and you will find another hole. By now, your journey around the locations will have seen you weld up every hole except this one. Keep WAITing until the Gremlins turn up and then PRESS BUTTON. They will be sucked into the vent system! Quickly WELD a PLATE over this last hole to trap them! Hoorah!

Yeehah! With the Gremlins securely sealed up in the vents, PLUG in the DRILL and CLOSE the VALVE so the gas is shut off! DROP TORCH, DROP the remaining PLATE and EXAMINE the COUNTER. GET the TAPE you find and GET the DRILL so you can DRILL the PLATE. GET the HACKSAW again and CUT the PIPE. You can now use the tape to JOIN the PIPE! INSERT the PIPE and OPEN the VALVE again and the gas will be forced into the ventilation shafts! Now leg it E, S, W, W, W and W. WAIT around until the whole town has exploded! But all of the Gremlins aren't dead. Stripe runs past you in a last-ditch effort to multiply. GO through the DOOR after him and, weirdly as emptied it earlier, you will have to DROP CAMERA, DROP DRILL and DROP HACKSAW to GO into the POOL now.

As you GET STRIPE, you will realise the sun is coming out and the little b*****d deserves to be baked to death for all the bother he's caused. Go U, E and splat! Delight in victory as Stripe is no more. Somehow the gratutous meltdown scene in the film seems more satisfying now!

And that's it. The Gremlins are dead and this very difficult adventure is completed! As noted in the introduction, sometimes Stripe will "make it to water" (although where this water is isn't made clear!) and you will lose through no fault of your own! Persevere.