In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #56


Why is EUG becoming a one-man show these days? Last EUG howled how we received far from as many submissions as were needed, even going so far as to suggest the group as it is may fold unless a considerable improvement resulted. The outcome? Five letters to the effect of "well, what should we review or write about", five program disks sent out for review and those same five readers then not submitting anything!

Nevertheless the contribution rate has not yet hit absolute zero and so another 8-bit fist of fun has come into being. But the exasperation of yours truly guarantees that it cannot continue this way indefinitely.


"What? No News column?! But that's my favourite bit, Mr Editor!" No, unfortunately NEWS AND THE INTERNET was dropped from this issue due to lack of disk space and that the recent main developments in the world of Acorn Electron/BBC emulation are covered by the letters in the Mailbag.


The Brainteasers articles go on (and on!) and we ask Will It Change Your Life?


Pac Y2K (All series)
James Watson presents a brand new Mode 2 (Master) / Mode 5 (BBC/Elk) Snapper clone with chasing ghosties and power pills galore!

Tug Of War (All series)
An updated version of a PCW favourite. Play a friend or the computer in a game where a fast reaction will heave them toward a gap in the cliffs!

X*L*C*R (BBC series only. Not compatible with Electron)
Readers will remember that Micheal Grant, author of this machine code jewel, spent much time trying to covert it for the Elk but failed. We present the last version: Mode 1 screens replace those originally in Mode 7 and sound is diluted to one channel. But although the game still works on the BBC, the Electron refuses to respond to the playing keys. (Perhaps a talented reader could find out why...)


Handel (All series)
The machine makes sweet music in this enjoyable and tricky little piano piece. See documentation.

Russian Roulette (All series)
Not really a game as its result is the luck of the draw. Sweat endlessly and say your prayers as you spin the barrel then pull the trigger!


How to buy, build and operate it: Robert Sprowson's new firmware addon.

Compressed art comes to your monitor screen in this slideshow pruned from ELK PD. Also includes a compressed screen save utility.


John Crane inspects the Brainteasers while Dave E sets his typing fingers on Flint Strikes Back and 8BS' Collections Of Clipart. We also present a review on the Acorn Electron itself swiped from Retrogames.

Adventures (All series)

Colditz Adventure (All series. Requires PAGE at &E00)
Dave E converts the early Mode 7 Superior game to the Electron. A very easy adventure for the beginner. Works on the BBC too.

Mad Island Adventure (All series)
EUG spoils you with a brand spanking new adventure. Nothing on this island makes sense... including your likely death from any number of weird events. If you solve it, please submit the solution.

Woodbury End Adventure (All series)
The very best Shards adventure (and indeed, BBC/Electron adventure) ever created is finally here on disk. You wake trussed up in your house, the village awash with aliens disguised as villagers. The children are also possessed by evil forces. Work out who you can trust in this rare real time graphic adventure. A solution will follow next issue too!


A bumper bundle of mail (because we're bi-monthly now?) accusses EUG of immaturity and using sex to sell! Thomas Harte has trouble finalising his Electron emulator, Kevin Etheridge discovers how to get Whoopsy on ADFS disk and John Crane comes up trumps with advice on Sideways RAM.