Proaction's Legacy

By James Watson

Originally published in EUG #56

Thanks for EUG #55. It was excellent!

After reading the article on - wait for it - ProAction, I must agree with your first impression of the firm. After buying most of the Play It Again Sams from Superior Software (for a very good price!), I enquired about Play It Again Sam 19 and they put me in touch with David Bradforth so I rang him up.

Anyway the deal was I paid him forty pounds on my credit card there and then and he was going to supply me with Play It Again Sam 19, Doctor Who And The Mines Of Terror and a lot of other Blue Ribbon software which we discussed. All I got for my money was Play It Again Sam 19 with no case - and Pacmania and Lemmings which are not even for the BBC Micro!! Again, there were no cases and photocopied instructions and they also look second-hand.

This was about five months ago and I have not received anything else. What a rip off! David Bradforth, I hope you read this and can sleep at night! I run my own firm and employ thirty people. If I treated my customers like this, I would not have any left.

Any comments, please email or telephone. Keep up the good work!

James Watson, EUG #56