Handel Demo

By Jeff Aughton

Originally published in EUG #56

This fascinating music demo, first published in the book PCW's Software For The Electron, plays a rendition of "The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba" on your machine. A piano keyboard is displayed and the demo features a graphical display of each note as it is played.

Whilst being an entertaining demo in itself, the core of the program is extremely versatile and, if you get tired of Handel, it can be simply altered by changing the DATA statements in lines 840-990. Notes are stored as the letters A to Z: A is C below middle C, M is middle C and so on. These are the lines to change if you want to compose your own tune. Each line contains 16 notes and there are 16 lines.

Don't forget to change line 110 if you alter the number of lines and line 130 if you alter the number of notes in each line.