Elk Entertainment 03

By Christian Weber

Originally published in EUG #05

You may remember in EUG #3 that I mentioned that I was unwilling to give help with text adventures, the reason being as follows:

Having played Stranded from Superior Software and Sphinx Adventure from Acornsoft, I was put off by their limited parsers. When, for example, having to put a log over a gap I had trouble making my Elk understand what I wanted to do. DROP LOG, PUT LOG, PROP LOG didn't work, and neither did THROW LOG, LEAN LOG, EAT LOG! My Elk was waiting for the simple command PLACE LOG!

However, I recently got hold of Elite, The Wheel Of Fortune and The Lost Crystal at a Car Boot Sale (for the total meagre sum of £1.50!) and the two adventure games have had me totally captivated. So, if nobody else wants to write an adventure column I will incorporate it into this one. Send in your problems and solutions to the usual address.

Next issue I hope to include some help for The Wheel Of Fortune which I have almost completed. Back to this issue, as well as the solutions to levels 4, 5 and 6 of The Last Ninja (1, 2 and 3 were given last issue), I have decided to have a password spree for Hostages, Anarchy Zone (Part one) and Pipemania - one of my all time favourites.

I was hoping to get hold of Loopz from Audiogenic but failed, so no review this time. Well, on with the solutions and cheats...

THE LAST NINJA, Superior/Acornsoft

Level 4 - The Dungeons
The first object that you will find will be the rope, so pick it up and make your way to the giant spider. Once facing the spider, you should kill it by walking up to it holding the gun, allowing you to get into the next part of the dungeons.

Keep going up and right until you reach a dead end room which has two very distinct lines on the wall. Hold the rope and walk between the lines and you should now be climbing the wall to level 5.

Level 5 - The Palace, Low Level
Walk around the level until you reach the first door you come across and use the key to open it. Once inside the palace, go down the screens until you reach a statue. This is particularly difficult to get around without dying, and the only real advice I can give here is that you should stay as close to the wall and the statue as possible.

I find this a very hit and miss affair so good luck when you try it. Once past the statue, enter the room to the right and up where you will find Ninja Magic hidden in the wall. Walk up to the wall then jump. You should now have the Ninja Magic.

Keep on going down the screens until you reach a stripy-floored screen defended by a guard. Kill the guard and walk onto the stripy

floor proceeding onto level 6. Again, without the Ninja Magic you will die when you walk onto the floor.

Level 6 - The Palace, Inner Sanctum
This level actually "wraps-around" on itself, making progress seem a little confusing, but after a while you get to know the level. Find the room on the right which contains the bottle of poison, then find the room to the right which leads on to the room full of vases.

In the vase room hold the rose and walk up to the vase nearest the stripy door at the top right of the screen. The door will open and before you enter the next room hold only the poison.

Once inside the room, Shodun will run towards you so fire the poison at him (using the same method as firing smoke bombs). Once hit he is dead, but your quest is not over yet.

Explore the next room and you will see another statue. Using the same method as before, get past it. Explore the next few screens and you will find the scrolls on the last screen. Carefully jump over the pit and you will collect the scrolls and pray.

Well, that's the end of the game (Quite a naff ending, I thought!) so now you can amaze your family and friends with your games-related talents!


This is a just-above-average shoot 'em up from Atlantis which has loads of passwords, so I've listed the first sixteen in this issue and will give the rest next time.

Zone Password   Zone Password   Zone Password   Zone Password

HOSTAGES, Superior/Acornsoft
Reviewed along with SAM 16 in EUG #1, here are the passwords to the game's levels: DEADEASY, PENULTIM, MAXITUFF.

Pipemania, Superior/Acornsoft - Passwords
Also on SAM 16, this cunningly addictive game held my attention for many hours and accounted for much lost sleep!

Level Password
Level Password

Apparently there's a cheat mode, so if any of you have it, send it in! You will be credited.

Christian Weber, EUG #5