Fonts 'N' Roms

By Del Williams

Originally published in EUG #05

I notice from EUG #3 that there has been a lot of correspondence regarding printer drivers, etc. I use View quite a lot and find the 5.25" disk version of Acornsoft's View Printer Driver Generator for the BBC fully compatible with the Electron and I highly recommend it.

Also with View, I use PMS's NLQ ROM and over 80 of their fonts, together with their inbuilt Printer Driver. The fonts can also be used on their own to give a virtual, simple, DTP package and, as I've blown most of the fonts into ROMs for use on cartridges, or with Slogger's Rombox (not Rombox+), I find I have up to 21 fonts available at any one time. Once again, highly recommended.

I also notice that people are interested in BBC/Electron ROM compatibility so here is a list of ROMs/ROM Images that I have found to be usable (99%-100% compatible):

Addcomm, Advanced Disk Toolkit, Advanced Disk Editor, AIDS, Beebcalc, Brom, Caretaker, Datascribe, DD, Enigma, Extras, GDump, GXR, GXR (Computer Concepts), Help, Megarom, P. C. B., Printmaster, Romit, Romman, Rom Master, Spellcheck, Toolkit.

Del Williams