Faster Sorting

By George Hersee

Originally published in EUG #05

D. R. J. Parker of Gillingham in Kent remarked on the slow sorting of the in-built Starstore routine. Recently I had occasion to contact Phil Williams of Tornado Software (who wrote STARSTORE II) and he supplied me with a new program called QUIKSORT which is very much faster.

Another program fron Phil is PRINTER, which forms labels from Starstore files. This might be of interest to Mike Alexandra of South Yorkshire. However it is necessary to have a Master RAM Board fitted.

I am having a little difficulty with it myself because on both the screen and the printer, I get alternate lines in condensed font. It is probably a fault on my equipment as Phil assures me that it does not happen on his machine, but I have not yet found the error.

Phil's address is:

National Street
Gmynedd LL36 9DB

Hoping this will be of help to other readers.

George Hersee
New Milton, Hants