By Will Watts

Originally published in EUG #08

One of the most expensive items for many users is a monitor. I have found a good selection of ex-industry or second-user monitors, many of them with the correct input for a BBC/Electron, mono or colour, is available from:

32 Biggin Way
Tel: 081 679 4414

They may be able to send a current catalogue if you 'phone. They also have a shop in Whitehouse Lane SE25 - but ring first for opening times!

Vernon Cowdy
South Norwood Hill, London

In the final issue of The Micro User, my cheat for Saracoid was printed incorrectly [See everyone, it's not just me! - Will]. It should be "To start the game with eight lives, you should press G and L on the 'SARACOID by Dean Lester' screen".

James Treadwell

The winner of the Printer Switch competition which was set in EUG #6 was David Randall from Devon. David made over 100 words of three letters or more from the word ELECTRON. Congratulations to David, and many thanks to Derek Walker for donating the prize!

Sorry I can't print the winning list, but it seems to have gone "walkies", but hopefully it will appear in EUG #9.