By Ray Thomas

Originally published in EUG #08

I have been using Howard Guppy's excellent Unlocker program with much success! As stated, the program does not transfer tape programs to disk, but enables them to be *LOADed.

A practical method of Tape/Disk transfer is to make use of a Tape to Disk transfer program in combination with Howard's Unlocker.

Here's the way of it - Store Howard's Unlocker on your utilities disk and then type in the tape-to-disk transfer program on page 19 of Electron User 3.04, January 1986. Store this also on your utilities disk, using the filename "T_D". With the utilities disk in the drive, type CHAIN"Unlocker" (RETURN), LOAD"T_D" (RETURN). Now swap the utilities disk for the one you wish to copy onto. Insert the tape to be copied into the cassette player. Type RUN (RETURN) and press PLAY. Now just sit back and watch it happen!

I found Howard's program would not run with the Elk in 64K Mode; the system "locked up". Perhaps Howard would be kind enough to modify his program to enable 64K usage?

Ray Thomas
Wellingborough, Northants

The above routine is an ideal way of transferring your own programs that you have been silly enough to "lock" by mistake. Now then, no-one would even dream of using it to transfer software which is subject to copyright, would they? No, of course not! That's alright then, isn't it? What about a 64K version, Howard...?