Some More Of Will's Greatest Mistakes

By Alan Davies

Originally published in EUG #08

I would like to raise several points. Firstly, I have just bought Sim City for use with the Electron and can't get the ruddy thing to work. I tried ringing Superior Software on the number you published in TBATB in EUG #6 but it's a non-starter; all I get is disconnected sounds. Consequently I have just written to them at PO Box 6 (also as per EUG #6). However, I'm not too confident of a reply; who's a pessimist?

Do you know of anyone who has managed to operate it? I can load it fine, but the little arrow doesn't seem to want to do any work. Also the demo games, all four of 'em, keep giving out a 'Bad Program' response. Help! Help! Help!

Secondly and finally, I sent an SAE to HeadFirst PD for information (list, etc) on games they may have available on tape format for my Electron. No answer after four weeks.

Alan Davies
Greater Manchester

My copy of Sim City works fine - the only problem I had occured when I tried to load it with the Elk still in 64K mode. It sounds like you've got a duff tape so you were quite right to try and contact Superior Software. But I'm afraid Will "Doombrain" Watts has done it again and printed false information. According to their ad on the back cover of Acorn User (January 1993), I got the address right, but the phone number wrong! It should be:- (0652) 658585. I don't know where I got the wrong one from!

Apologies for this and getting your own number wrong also. As you will see from Gareth Boden's letter, you will have written to the wrong address - once again thanks to yours truly. By now you should have received a reply and will know that unfortunately Headfirst cannot supply software on tape.