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By Del Williams

Originally published in EUG #21

Many thanks for the latest issue of the EUG disk which was most enjoyable - well done! I'm writing regarding your mention of supplying a tape version for those poor souls without a disk drive. I was wondering what duration of tape would be needed and, as you would probably only get 90 minute types from the usual sources, whether this would be too long and thus a waste. I enclose a little leaflet from Profession Magnetics Ltd from whence I obtained my bulk supplies of 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute tapes about a hundred years ago. I was in contact with them recently and although they no longer keep them on the shelf, they would still supply tapes, boxes, labels and cards to order. More than likely at a better rate than the high street.

I hope this information is of some use to someone.

Del Williams

On the subject of tape, I tried this for a while but had a number of returns. I checked with a friend and discovered that professional software houses use special tape recorders that record an 'extra-wide' track on the tape surface so almost any tape player can read it. Now I don't have one of these and, as it happens, I don't have any tape subscribers either.

It was a good experiment and I learned a lot but it wasn't to be.

The address is very useful. I will contact them and see if they want free advertising space in EUG.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #21