Master RAM Board Compatibility

By Alan Richardson

Originally published in EUG #21

Just received EUG #20 and many thanks. A great way of keeping in touch from down under. I look forward to receiving my disk.

I notice on the disk cover that it instructs one to turn off the MRB. Being newely acquainted with the MRB, I forgot that I had one and went ahead and used the disk as usual. No problems. What is supposed to happen if I don't turn it off?

I had a quick run with the enhanced ELKPAINT (EUG #18?). I loaded it from the EUG disk and when I had completed my masterpiece I decided to save it to disk. I wisely decided to use another disk so as to keep my EUG disk intact! The program does not allow one to change disk and promptly hangs up with a "Disc changed" message. Alas, all was lost. Ah, well, it wasn't really a masterpiece...

In EUG #20, Michael Harris has a printing out problem with macros in View. I have had the same problem. The cure is to specify the page length within the macro - but there is a catch. The page length must be one line less than the actual page length. For example, if you are using the usual computer paper, its sheet length is 66 lines, so you need to put the instruction "PL 65" near the top of the macro. I also place the instruction "PE" near the end of the macro. I'm not sure this is necessary since it is some time since I set it up.

I also have continuous word processing paper which is A4 in size. For this I set page length to 71.

Can someone tell me whether Slogger and Pres are still in business? I have written letters requesting service and parts - enclosing my VISA card details - but without any response to date. I have tried ringing both and in each case, I ended up having to leave a message on an answering machine.

I find the MASTER RAM BOARD quite an improvement, both as to speed and capacity.

Keep up the good work. I'll try to send letters more frequently in future. I'm still interested in finding a colour screen dump for the Okimate 20 printer.

Alan Richardson

The point about turning off the MRB is that the MRB won't display graphics which have been written directly to the screen as many graphic screens are. EUG programs will almost always work without an MRB mainly because some members don't have one. So I always say turn it off as a matter of habit. Often however, everything will work fine.

Putting a disk-changing routine into Elkpaint should be fairly easy. Send in your next masterpiece. It's probably a lot better than you realise.

Slogger and Pres are still up and running but alas both companies are after bigger fish (i.e. PCs). I have been nagging both to send current details of their products for some time but haven't had any luck. However, some members have done business with both these and have reported that they have been very pleased. If there is something in particular you are interested in, contact me and I will try to get you some information and help.

I do agree with you about the MRB. Next to a second drive, it is one of the most useful add-ons for the Elk.

Colour Screen Dumps: I have a Star LC10 colour printer and would also like a colour screen dump. In theory it should be perfectly possible. It's just a matter of programming.

Gus Donnachaidh, EUG #21