By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #21

If you have 32k SW RAM, preferably battery backed (ABR), this can be very useful for ADFS users as it enables the use of the full memory and avoids the 'Bad sum' errors and the need for using CTRL-BREAK after a program has downloaded.

It is supplied on a disk together with all the Welcome programs and utilities and needs to be !BOOTed up into Sideways Ram.

Its main disadvantage is that if used with the ABR cartridge, this has to be removed when using View.

The ABR has a means of locking in ROM-images. This is supplied on the ABR with six other utilities and these need to be transferred to disk or tape before the cartridge is used.

I have found that the locking does not seem to work with the PRES E00 and so I do find that the code can get corrupted. It is easily loaded up again provided that the ABR is cleared. This can sometimes be difficult as there is no way of temporaily disconnecting the battery and the only way seems to be by removing and replacing the cartridge while the power is on - rather a brute force method! Has anyone a better way round this?

Richard Dimond, EUG #21