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By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #46


Are these exciting times are what? To mark the millennium, the EUG magazine is going monthly! No more wondering whether the magazine still exists or if you're missing an issue that got lost in the post. From today, the magazine will be despatched on the 1st of every month! Enjoy!


The Fonts
Pep up your graphics screens with this simple but useful utility allowing you to write in either the 'acorn electron' logo typeface, the Jet Set Willy typeface or a Bubbly typeface shortly to be seen on the Haven review disks.

Lottery Predictor
More means of becoming a millionaire in a Mode 7-based utility. It will work best with a Jafa Mode 7 simulator enabled.


Jigsaw (DFS machines only)
A much more sophisticated version of the original upgrade (EUG #41) equipped with six Jigsaw images and an editor so you can customise their colours and create colour files for your own Jigsaw screens. Watch out for more screens on future discs!

Try this tricky and colourful little arcade game!

One of the few games Gary Partis never had released commercially, this is a nice Centipede clone for the BBC. It will run quite passably on an Electron with MRB too though!

Master Waters
A great two-player beat-'em-up with multi-coloured graphics and lovely little bleeps to start the action.

Nitemare Park
Use mental gymnastics to battle the Parkkeeper as you cross his park.

Tower Of Hanoi Patience
A difficult, yet logical, patience game from those PD masters HeadFirst.


Blue Ribbon's puzzly-arcady-fantastically-bursty Balloon Buster, Ian Hudson's cold Russian adventure -fantastically-bursty I Spy Red, Pres' first-fantastically-bursty Games Disk compilation and PCW's intriguing-fantastically-bursty Monopoly rip-off gain top marks!


One brand new PD adventure and the first trilogy of adventures from Potter Programs made fully compatible with ADFS &1D00 systems! Trek across a strange planet, where your biggest enemy's the parser, in DILITHIUM STATION ZERO then play these three true antiques of the Elk's life, released so early in it that few people even know they exist:

The Staff Of Law
Can you track down the Staff of Law and master its potent Earth Power to defeat the Depiser?

Super Agent Flint
The dreaded T.E.R.D. (Terrorists for England's Ruin and Destruction) organisation has reared its ugly head. Only you, as Super Agent Flint, can steal their interstellar rocket and secret plans to avert disaster. But be warned, this mission could be a messy one!

Galadriel In Distress
The Princess Galadriel has been abducted and an evil spell holds her prisoner. You must seek aid from the wise Loremaster to release her and save yourself from the wrath of King Theoden.

Solution Corner

Hampstead Solution
What? You've never reached the top of the social ladder? Never mind, you can blag your way through Melbourne House's simulation with this full solution.

Pirate Adventure Solution
Get through the second part of the Scott Adams serialisation with our complete walkthrough.


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