By Ron Goad

Originally published in EUG #46

A very interesting copy [EUG #45 - Ed] indeed. It ran very well on my BBC Master with no problems whatsoever.

Whilst I am no programming whizz-kid, I have contributed a utility to generate six random numbers in the hope it is of interest to readers. It is very basic and simple but does offer a little fun and amusement in predicting possible lottery numbers. To date it hasn't found me the Magic Six but it has scored a few tenners!

If it does for you, you can buy me a a golden beer tankard!

I have used an odd method of ensuring a more random selection instead of RND(n) [Which we all know doesn't give a random number, don't we? - Ed] in line 100.

I wish all our readers a Happy Xmas and New Year.

Ron Goad

It's true some members have one of the other BBC series of computers - not necessarily an Elk - and the disks are actually compiled on a BBC Master here at HQ. However, there are still quite a variety of User Groups for these machines, whilst the Electron is largely, if not totally, overlooked.

EUG exists to fill this gap in the marketplace and it is attracting submissions and new members as well as the conversions of BBC Public Domain that are presently being published. If you become an instant millionaire by using Ron's utility (either from the Utilities Menu or CH."U.LOTTERY") please remember to resubscribe to EUG.

Enable your Mode 7 simulator (by Jafa Systems) to enjoy this utility on an Electron.

Dave E, EUG #46