By Richard Dimond

Originally published in EUG #46

Congratulations on a much improved magazine but I find the lack of colour in the menus rather hard on my eyes. Changing the colour from white to blue helped a little. Could the text colour be changed? Also, I noted that the 40 column text option was not included.

I think I have identified a bug in Uno by HeadFirst PD reviewed last issue. Sometimes when I choose a colour, the program gives me a four cards penalty and plays the same colour card and I think it should get the four cards. I have never seen it get a four card penalty!!

Richard Dimond

The menu system runs in Mode 4 and is limited to two colours. It's quite a simple program to understand, and for individual members to change if they want to, but changing the colour of the text also changes the border colour. A Mode 1 Menu screen might be an answer in the long term but only 40 column text has been added this issue. Unfortunately 40 columns has the effect of splitting words at the end of lines in half.

I am assured that the game Uno (EUG #22) is completely bug free (if a little slow!) and the problem may stem from the use of Wild Draw Four cards. When playing one of these cards, you must rid your hand of all those cards with the same colour as the Wild Draw Four card you wish to play before you play it. Otherwise you incur the penalty of having four cards foisted upon yourself!

Dave E, EUG #46