By Robert Sprowson

Originally published in EUG #49

This file describes the program CMOSRAM which makes a backup of the fifty CMOS RAM configurations bytes held in the real time clock on a Master 128. It can however be altered to work on machines that have more than 50 bytes of backup (eg. Archimedes) as long as the operating system supports OSByte 161/162.

The manual and software are (C)1996 SPROW.


At the BASIC prompt, type CHAIN"U.CMOSRAM" <RETURN>.

The program will present the user with a menu with just two options - save or restore. Make the appropriate choice.

Known Problems/Future Enhancements

No known problems.


v1.00 Version released to EUG disk user group.
v1.10Also a text description of the machine it was written on and prompts for confirmation before writing to CMOS.