In This Issue

By Dave E

Originally published in EUG #49

We're counting down the days to EUG #50. Are you?


Yet another disk makes it out on time, in perfect working order (or so we think!), with more readers reading it, with more submissions on it and yet more letters written to it. You get the idea. Read the solution to last month's adventure, find out where to go on the world wide web and read the General Appeal from EUG HQ as well as this roundup of all that's EUG.

Utilties Menu (Mainly BBC/Master 128)

Robert Sprowson is back with two utilities and a ROM Image for all you BBC and Master 128 owners while Miner Willy crashes into EUG if you like things very simple. (Honestly, hasn't that little guy been in enough games?)


There are two niceish pictures to goggle at this month. TIGER and TECHNO come from John Goldsmith, Bury St Edmonds.

Games And Demos

Anthill (All series)
Try to reach the anthill without being captured and taken to it anyway in one of the weirdest hybrid BASIC/Assembly Language games created!

Bones Demo (All series)
A superb routine showing a skeleton rock star with a passion for a double-jointed magic trick show!

Leapfrog (All series)
Try your hand at this infuriatingly difficult arcade seesaw-type game.

Maths In Motion Demo (All series)
Wow! You've never seen anything like this on your machine before. Worth the long wait while it initialises, believe me.

Snake (All series)
There's no denying this is dull, dull, dull. But it's probably the best of its type, actually.

Snakes & Ladders (Electron only)
Two spiffing board games with very different twists on the board game stashed in everyone's attic! Play with a computerised dice, your own dice or click 'Action' and jump the snakes heads and bound up the ladders as quickly as possible.

Reviews (All series)

The slating of ACP/Pres goes on with its Games Disk 5 but Eliminator, Shipwrecked and Nursery Rhymes gain their rightful accolades at EUG's hands.

Adventures (All series)

You can finally get to sleep in Insomnia, escape from the Waxworks (in a manner of speaking) and, thanks to A. J. Haines, find your way out of the spooky house in unfriendly vampire adventure The Count.

Mailbag (All series)

Robert Sprowson and Richard Dimond are still talking to us, plus an introduction from Gary Woodcock, one of our many new readers. Yes, we have many!


This issue's opening screen shows "Striding Edge" from an original image by Jane Ward in 1999.